Lucky by Alice Sebold

Lucky is a story of struggle of a rape victim. Writer Alice Sebold tells in her book what difficulties a girl, a victim of rape, faces in the society. In the story, a college student who has been raped and beaten in a park near her campus has isolated herself from her friends, teachers and the people she knew. The reason is that people view rape as a negative and real low crime to commit. However, Alice failed to give solution to many problems she herself highlighted in the book.
The rape negatively impacted Alice Sebold in a significant way. Her self-esteem was impacted enormously, where she even at a point was self-deprived of herself. In addition, because being raped has crashed Alice in many ways, readers see all over the novel that there are a lot of ups and downs in her confidence.
Alice starts writing, though not successfully, during her struggle with drugs. Its not until after she quits using that her writing begins to take a turn for the better as well as her mental state of mind. This shows that she is beginning to recognize her choices and has hit a crossroad in her life. Many women come across the same trail, and understand that they can live as a victim all their lives and let this define them or they can choose to accept the effects and move on with their lives. By Alice completing her novel she has found her own way of coping by recognizing and accepting the events that have touched her life.
One can see that although the worse has happened to Alice, still she deals with the situation with courage and accepts the inevitable. On the other hand, there is a picture where Alices confidence is shown to be very low. She has difficulty keeping up her confidence and the way she thinks about herself. However, the writer has not emphasized on the point that it is confidence that determines the way you treat and view yourself.
The writer has failed to explain the harshness of the crime of rape. This crime is very harsh to deal with, in order to help aid, or cure one that has been affected. Some people believe that being raped is a disease, due to the aftermath of the way people think of the victim. In the case with Alice, it is shown from the book itself that plenty of people have tried to help her. However, as one will learn after going through this book that there is no cure that anyone can offer. Alices mother has tried to help her by talking to her and trying to divert her attention in other things. Alices closest friends even tried to help as much as possible by lending a hand or doing things for her. Her teacher even tried to get out all of the anger by letting her write up a poem in class about the rapist. Hence, after doing as much as everyone possibly could do, at the end it got nowhere because it was up to Alice to fight it out of her system and get over it.
Although Lucky is an excellent book in portraying the problems of a rape victim, the writer has left many questions unanswered in the minds of readers. We can conclude that Alice is a woman who just wanted to be accepted in society again, and to be liked by all the guys she has crushes on.
Alice lastly realizes that she is the only one that can save herself not anyone else. It takes her a long time to come to this understanding. During this time she is completely destroyed and cannot stand to see other males. She is still affected by this even after she comes to the understanding that she has to save herself. No one should have to go through situations like Alice has had to go through. Alice tells about how she had to struggle with the situations in her live. She tells a story of how she was broken completely down to nothing and had to struggle and look everywhere for answers and solace. Alices story is not that of total lose and destruction. She shows that there is hope that things will get better. Alice demonstrates to readers that one has to strive and never ever give up.


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