Personal Statement for Admission to Doctoral Studies

Like every other aspect of the globalized world we live in today, crime has advanced to a point that calls for detailed expert intervention to unravel the motivation behind it. Over the years, crime has revolutionalised yet respective authorities have not kept to the pace in combating crime. Many reasons are attributed to the rise in crime but few have been justified and this means that more has to be done lest crime renders all the achievements of this age useless. Perhaps one reason why crime has grown that much is lack of appropriate expertise to keenly study and devise methods of dealing with crime rather than just enforcement of the law. Understanding the mechanisms behind crime is paramount in combating crime. Being so rampant, crimes are varied and thus expert specialization would be an appropriate move to effectively tackle each type of crime. A problem identified is half solved, hence the reason why I believe that excellent knowledge in criminology would help me to produce reliable statistics and data to assist the law in specifically addressing cyber and human trafficking crimes. It is this realization and the passion I have for Criminal Justice studies that make me believe that   doctoral studies in Criminology would help greatly in solving the mysteries of crime across the world and thus I will have made the World a better and a crime free place.
    My drive for criminology studies draws a lot from the vast experience I have from crime related fields that I have worked in. Thorough evaluation of my career goal right from my junior school years, led me to choose criminal justice since crime is the worst enemy of the human race. In high school I was actively involved in leadership for instance, I was the students Council secretary and this gave me a sense of responsibility which has made me want to pursue criminology to assert my responsibility to human well being. In my undergraduate studies, I majored in Psychology and Economics as a strategy to prepare myself for a career as a professor of Criminal justice. This Social science course introduced me to the study of human behavior which would be necessary in approaching world cyber and human trafficking issues if only reinforced with a doctoral degree in criminal justice. Throughout my undergraduate course I focused on defining my interest in criminology studies by actively participating in research activities and later I succeeded in getting an admission for a Master of Science degree in Criminal Justice immediately after completing the undergraduate course.
The master course was yet another eye opener in my pursuit for a fulfilling career in Criminal Justice. It is during this course that I felt that I would rather focus on passing on knowledge to others while serving as a professor of criminal justice. This is because through a doctoral degree I would gain excellent research and teaching skills which I could use effectively in preparing a pool of Criminal Justice experts to successfully tackle crime at various categories for a safer today and tomorrow. I have skills in criminology and a passion which I am limited to practice fully at my desired capacity due to my education level.  
Research and statistics are my preferences in this pursuit for a career in Criminal Justice. Following this drive, I have more than often been involve in crime related research work thus I have been able to gather the necessary skills in researching, data collection and analysis methods to suit my dream career of enhancing teaching and researching skills in criminology. The same research has given me a glimpse of what aspects of the criminal justice systems across the world that fails to deliver such that crime is rising at such an alarming rate. I have solid experience in research gained during both my undergraduate and master courses and these skills can only be applied effectively at a doctoral education level. I am specifically well versed in general descriptive and inferential statistical analyses such as Chi-square correlations Lambda Cramers V Spearmans Rho gamma t-test cross-tabs multiple regressions and many others.   
As a research student, I developed a better understanding of the different human personalities which would be helpful in approaching criminal studies during this doctoral course. Since April, 2009 until now I have been working as a research assistant in the Universitys department of Criminal Justice and I have been doing this to develop strong skills in statistics and research which are integral in doctoral studies. This has helped me to focus on personal development so as to be the most resourceful professor in criminal Justice studies. I have had a chance to deal with trafficking and smuggling issues between the United States and Korea and I have been able to develop a strong foundation for doctoral focus on cyber crime and human trafficking cases. From the various analysis I have done, I have noticed that expert knowledge is lacking in resolving criminal, law and human rights issues and this has deteriorated given the fact of late, little expertise is directed to criminal justice.
To widen my base for criminal justice studies, I have been involved in various criminal justice professional bodies and activities which have really challenged my level of education as a drawback to my capacity to deliver. I was actively involved in the Korean Criminology Associations conference committee which proved to me that I could have done more had I been in possession of doctoral skills in criminal justice. I have sought membership in various criminal justice professional bodies to give me a foundation and a better glimpse of crime cases and this I believe will be very helpful in research and recommendations regarding crime. However, the only limitation for this is my education level and hence the reason why I have decided to pursue a doctoral degree in criminal justice and thus successfully serve humanity. As a member of, the Korean Criminal Association of America (USA), Korean Criminal Association, and the Society of Advanced Criminal Investigation, I have come to the realization that doctoral expert knowledge is paramount in resolving crime. Despite the skills and experience I hold, I require more skills to be one of those providing this required expertise and this can only be possible after pursuing a doctorate course in criminal justice which would help me know more concerning international human rights, international criminal law, research methods and statistics in criminal justice.
I possess excellent computer skills which have enabled me to survey the potential threat of cyber crime to humanity. This vast knowledge would also be helpful in my future endeavor as a professor of criminal justice in resolving cyber crime issues. Following my interest in research and statistics, I have been able to develop excellent computer-based research skills in quantitative and qualitative research programs such as SPSS, SAS and ATLAS respectively. I also have thorough knowledge of all Microsoft office aspects which would help greatly in cyber crime research and statistics not only in my doctoral studies but also in my career in crime justice. I am conversant with a number of languages such as Korean, English, Japanese and Chinese which would help a lot in the understanding of criminal justice from a wider perspective. After evaluating my achievements and goals in life, I have identified the lack of doctoral skills as the only inhibiting factor towards what I feel obliged to achieve. I am looking forward to learn with you.     


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