Narcotics Department Interdiction Funds Allocation.

In accordance with the annual Narcotics Operation Budget, the seized amount of 150,000 will be allocated amongst the various departments in order to increase the overall efficiency of the narcotics force team. This brief report will primarily identify the specific departments which shall receive a certain portion of the interdiction funds corroborated with adequate rationale.
In essence, almost every department needs to be revitalized by an injection of money. However, there are a few specific departments that need considerable monetary attention because they lack the necessary funds to function properly. First on the list is the surveillance department which lacks the necessary funds for the acquisition as well as maintenance of expensive and sensitive equipment. The surveillance department of any narcotics force team is of extreme importance because it involves the collection, identification, analysis and storage of sensitive information. Therefore, it has to be kept up to date with the latest technology. The second most important item on the list is the department of weaponry which sadly is not supposed to receive any sort of funding this year. The safety of every personnel working for the narcotics department is of utmost importance as has been specified within the constitutional framework of the United States. The narcotics department is primarily involved with law enforcement work of an extremely dangerous nature and it is imperative that every officer have adequate weaponry at his or her disposal in order to protect themselves against harm. Therefore, a certain portion of the interdicted fund will be awarded for the specific purpose of the acquisition of appropriate weapons.
The training department also needs to be beefed up so that every officer receives the desired training that coincides with his or her unique set of skills. Just as it is with adequate weaponry, it is also necessary that training be provided when necessary as well as the fact that the enrollment of new officers is primarily dependent upon the level of training that is given to the new comers. Training also is directly related to the augmentation of weaponry and surveillance equipment. An increase in funding of all three will primarily result in an overall efficiency increase of the entire department.
Surveillance equipment, weaponry and training are the presently the three most important departments on the list of improvement because of reasons that have been adequately explained above. However, in order to conclusively sum everything up, it must be explained that, as has been mentioned above, the three departments complement in each other in the sense that an augmentation of one will result in a direct positive impact of the other. Therefore, the fact that the allocation of the interdiction fund is being somewhat equally distributed throughout these three particular departments will basically result in an augmentation of the entire narcotics force by increasing the collection and analysis of sensitive information, better protection on the streets for narcotics officers as well as superior training.


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