William Muir named four styles of policing in your textbook. Name these four styles, and define them by their relation to passion and perspective. What operational style of policing do you consider the most effective in modern policing Why Use proper APA citations in your text to document your sources.

The four styles that I found in the reading are as follows
Professional-officers have the necessary passion and perspective to be valuable police officers. Enforcers-officers have a passion for the job, for enforcing the law, for taking decisive action their inner drive or value system allows them to be comforting using force to solve problems. Reciprocators-Officers lack the passion to do the job, they have difficult time taking action, making arrests, enforcing the law their value system make it difficult to use force to solve problems. Avoiders-officers have neither passion nor perspective, resulting in no recognition of peoples problems, and no action to resolve them.

The most effective operational style of policing that I believe is the most effective in modern policing is the service style. In the era of community policing, citizens are expecting more from the police officers than just simple enforcement. By implementing the service style of policing, I believe the needs of the community will be met, crime will be reduced, and the citizens will be happier.  2) Your textbook states that a number of conditions can lead to job stress name four (4) of them. List these four (4) conditions with at least one example of each. What do you suggest to help alleviate these conditions Remember to document your sources with in-text citations.

After reading the chapters, I found a number of factors which could increase job stress for the police officer. The first condition is the design of tasks. Examples of this condition include lifting heavy objects, working long hours without many breaks, and monotonous repetitious of dangerous maneuvers. The second condition which I found was the management style. Examples of this include lack of participation by coworkers in decision making, poor communication between employees, and a lack of family-friendly policies in the police department. The third condition which I found was interpersonal relationships. Examples of this include having a poor social environment and a lack of support from co-workers and supervisors. The fourth condition I found was work roles. Examples of this include conflicting or uncertain job expectations and having too many responsibilities.

I believe there are two ways to alleviate these conditions. The first would be to provide stress management for the officers. That would include lessons on eating correctly, meeting with a mental health professional, encouraging regular exercise, and providing relaxation techniques. The second suggestions I would give would be to encourage organizational change in the departments. By giving the officers more discretion, encouraging community policing, and flattening the hierarchical system of the police department, the stress levels may be managed. Consider the polices role in your own community. Is it appropriate Should there be more or less police presence Provide examples and explain why or why not. Should there be more or less police presence Support your position.

The police in my community largely implement the community policing philosophy and strategy. I think it is an appropriate role, as the officers are on daily foot and bike patrols, they attempt to develop relationships with the community stakeholders, and they have recognizable faces. It appears that the same officers patrol my community, therefore the neighbors become use to seeing the same officers, they begin to develop trust for them, and appear more likely to discuss neighborhood problems. If the officers continue this community policing style, I believe that they could actually increase their presence in the community. They appear to be helpful, not hurtful edifying, not demeaning, and they appear to truly care not only about their job, but about my community. I know this is not the case for all neighborhoods, but I believe the officers in my community are the very essence of the community policing ideology.


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