Terrorism which is perpetrated to further political, economic and social ideologies refers to the unlawful application of force to influence or coerce a group of people or a government. The 2001 terror attack in the US changed the worlds attitude and perception towards terrorism due to the magnitude as well as the unpreparedness of the worlds superpower to counter the attack. The attack which is commonly known as the 911 or September 2001 attack resulted in the massive destruction of property, loss of lives and left others physically and psychologically unwell. (Crank, J.  Gregor, P, 2005). The Al Qaeda terror gang is associated with the heinous attack and the finding of their training manual in the United Kingdom would play a significant role in as far as counter terrorism is concerned. (The Al Qaeda Manual). This emanates from the fact that understanding the enemy in terms of how they operate, their mission, values, sources of funds, their organization would help in the development of strategies or policies to fight against them.

The Al Qaeda training manual explained how serious the terror gang was thus calling for the need to adopt harsh or serious measures to fight it. The gang was very categorical about their hatred for western ideologies ruling out the chances for dialogue and leaving military approaches as the only option. The group was very organized and as a counterterrorist specialist, the need to distort the leadership as a way of destabilizing the group would be imperative.  (The Al Qaeda Manual). Effective dissemination of information about the propagandas and false accusations spread by the al Qaeda at a global scale would also be critical as it would reduce the number of sympathizers and supporters who fall for their lies and offer them support in terms of funds as well as providing hideouts. The al Qaeda terror group abused the Islamic religion to further their heinous acts. Steering democracy would also be vital in a bid to offer peaceful means to air their views or dialogue rather than resulting into violence. Understanding their means or mode of entry into a target country is also important as it would see to it that tight security measures are enacted across the borders as well as on the airports. The mere understanding that terrorists use fake documents such as passports, identity cards as well as record books would make the relevant authorities more cautious to deter them. (The Al Qaeda Manual). Understanding their sources of funds and disrupting them thus jeopardizing their operations. The need for collaborative measures would therefore be a necessity rather than a requirement in ensuring that the monies transfers were well monitored across the globe. (The Al Qaeda Manual).


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