Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD)

Many people desire to stay in a society free from crime. Unfortunately, a great number of people stay or live in a society where crime is the order of the day. Crimes which take place in a society can never solved by individuals living there, but should be regulated and solved by institutions such as the police. LAPD has experienced hard time stopping and regulating several problems faced by the society. This police department in Los Angeles contains a troubled history, from persistent, pervasive and invasive corruption of 1940s, to high level of police brutality, racism, and discrimination.

Over the years the department has witnessed an awful reputation from the public. Despite efforts in reforms, its reputation has not changed. LAPD is currently facing a problem of police misconduct, where the police officers are getting involved in unlawful behavior and further tarnishing the reputation of this department. Some of the police officers in LAPD are now facilitating crime activities instead of regulating and solving such activities. A number of them have been suspected of being gangsters, therefore painting a gangster image on this lawful department.

Supervision is the major problem in LAPD and fixing this loophole is urgently needed for better crime regulation and enhanced police conduct. After the establishment of better supervision, more disciplined police officers ought to be recruited. When all these measures are put into consideration, people will be able to rejuvenate their confidence as well as trust in this police department. Los Angeles people urgently need a police force that will get rid of drugs, crime, and gangs and thus the concerned stakeholders should move with speed to further reform LAPD.


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