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Acquaintance Rape
This term refers to a sexual act in which the participants are known to each other and one partner applies force to sexually assault the other without his or her consent. There is a clear indication from research carried out that the most affected group is women especially with their lovers during dates. This has been proved to come about as a result of myths that people have concerning sex and sexual rights. For instance, when men buy women drinks or any present they think that it is a merit for a sexual act with the woman or the fact that when a woman says no she means yes. In order to address this issue, there are several social changes that should be considered. This article will look into some of them.

Communication is a very important aspect in humanity. People and especially women should say what they mean and mean what they say.  Communication should be both verbal as well as physical. Girls have been reported to say no to sex yet allow men to touch their bodies anyhow and which eventually give mixed messages to men during their dates (Filla, 2010).  In communication, men should also learn to respect womens feelings as well their decision failure to which might lead to rape especially if a woman resists and her words are ignored. Even during dates it would  be wise for lovers to communicate on  the boundaries  they want to set for each other in the relationship it is   not  wise to assume because a partner might end up going to some extends that would be detrimental to the relationship (The University of  Michigan, 2009).

It is   very important to teach people the risks that might occur during dates and especially rape cases with acquaintances.  This involves telling those going out for dates to avoid very secluded places which highly contribute to sexual advances and finally rape. During the early part of a relationship it is normally advisable for the young lovers to meet in the open otherwise many have been sexually assaulted making some to hate men and never engage in other relationships. During such educative programs, it would be wise for instance, to allow girls freely talk about their experiences so as to help some who might be vulnerable to the same. Such educative programs should not be biased but should consider both men and women since even men are raped nowadays (Filla, 2010). Through these educative forums, men will be taught to be responsible of their behaviors especially basing on the myths they hold concerning sex and women. The boy child should also be informed especially basing on the fact that women rape   men. He should be warned against allowing people to touch their private parts. As much as men are expected to be responsible of their actions, the girl child and women should also dress appropriately not exposing their bodies thus tempting men. The society expects them to have self control but it would be wise still if women played their role.

Alcoholism and other related drugs
Many sexual assaults have occurred and most of the victims attribute their behaviors to drinking or other related drugs. It would be wise to date someone when sober. Alcohol affects peoples decisive power as well as the power of restriction. It therefore makes individuals for instance, women become helpless and men take advantage of this and might even end up raping them. Ecstasy is one of the drugs just like alcohol that has also contributed highly to rape (Lyness, 2009). Date rape drugs are normally tasteless and odorless and   therefore an individual cannot easily detect. Most  of  these   drugs  end up    rendering  an individual helpless   and unconscious and most of  them do not  normally remember what happened from the moment  they   were given  the drugs and the  time of  the rape. In case one is out, it is normally advisable to only accept   drinks from   the waiter and avoid getting   unsealed   drinks from people (Quinn  Arnold, 2010).

Parental role
Parents should take the role of teaching children about being cautious especially to their family friends when the parents are not around. This mostly concerns the girl child who is at a higher risk from men who come home in the name of uncles. Children should also be taught against accepting gifts anyhow or if they do so they should be very cautious about the same. Parents should therefore learn to have time with their children.  Teens should be given proper and adequate information about sex such as how to protect oneself from it as well as date rape drugs. As much as they might be hard topics to tackle with the youth it would be beneficial since they would built trust with the parents and could easily express their grievances. A research showed that 9 out of ten teens that had open conversation about sex with their parents   were able to abstain from sexual intercourse (Albert, 2004). Parents and the entire society should   change the attitude which stipulates the inequality of girls and boys thus curbing against rape. It involves learning to talk on an equal ground about   men and women.

It is evident that it is a social responsibility for individuals as well as   the society to curb against acquaintance rape. Debunking the myths that have catalyzed this act should be the first priority and this can be achieved through educative programs. On an individual level every one has aright to say no or yes to sex. It therefore calls for proper communication which cannot bring about mixed feelings. Men should learn to take women by their words and women should also learn to be consistent in both verbal and nonverbal communication. Young childrens sexual assault by relatives or family friends should be the role of the parents to guide their children in sexual education.


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