Understanding Organization Behavior

There is a need for peace in the area that we may be living in so that we can be able to go on with our daily duties. However, it is a usual case in the human society that people are not able to live constantly at peace, because there is always somebody willing to harm others or to disturb them for their own personal gains. This calls for the existence of the criminal justice system. It has the main duty of protecting the population from criminal offences and maintaining the public order. Therefore, there is a need for an efficient criminal justice system which can be realized through the use of efficient agencies. To achieve this, there are some elements that the people who are working in the criminal justice system should possess so that they can ensure that they are doing their work efficiently. In addition to this, there are some other elements which the agencies should possess to ensure that there is efficient execution of duties (Davis  Newstrom 1998).

Some of the most important elements that are associated with the organizational behavior that should be demonstrated in a criminal justice agency as to ensure efficient work are the ones that concern management. The manager is a person who determines what other employees in the organization do. It is, therefore, necessary to have an efficient management system to provide the efficient service in the criminal justice system. Among the major elements that the management should possess is being objective concerning the vision of the organization (Cunningham, 1990).

Just like any other organization, the criminal justice agency should have a vision, a mission, values and philosophies. It is the duty of the management to ensure that the goals of the organizations are achieved. It is also the duty of the management to ensure that the vision of the organization is kept and that there is an effort by the workers to achieve it. I believe that all the criminal justice systems agencies should have a philosophy that is directed towards the service of the community. It is, therefore, the responsibility of the management to ensure that this philosophy is upheld all the time by all the people that are attached to the organization (Oldham,  Hackman, 2002).

When all these elements are upheld and at the same time an effort is made to try and achieve them, a good organization culture will emerge within the company. This is what defines the organization. If a company has some set goals, objectives, visions, achievable missions and practical philosophies, it will be obvious that it will have a good organization culture. This is something that is very crucial for any criminal justice agency and it is the key factor that defines the credibility of the organization in the community. The organizations culture is therefore an important aspect or rather an important element in any agency and more so to the criminal justice agency which are very important to the community (Cunningham, 1990).

The organizations culture is known to determine the type of communication that exists in an agency. Since the criminal justice system is all about dealing with the community and making sure that the community is running a happy, peaceful and smooth life, it involves a lot of communication and therefore this is a crucial element in this type of agency. The organizations culture also determines the leadership systems that will be practices in the organization. This is also a crucial aspect in this organization because, for one to be able to lead others, they must be able to lead themselves and act as examples. These are very important bearing in mind that with the current development in technology in the whole world, the criminal activities are also changing and therefore there is a need to have developing criminal justice agencies so that they can be able to contain the changing environment (Golembiewski, 2001).

Another element that is important in a criminal justice agency is the final outcome. This is usually dictated by the performance of the workers. It is necessary to ensure that those people who work at the criminal justice agency are satisfied with their job. This is the only way that they will be able to give their best. Most of the issues that are dealt with by the criminal justice agencies are issues which require devotion of time and energy. It is therefore necessary to ensure that all those people who are working there are satisfied with their job so that they give their best (Koch, 2006.

To achieve this, there is a need to ensure that the workers are given room for personal development in terms of careers. For example, in the case of the law enforcement officers, they should be given time and opportunities to study. This would make them devote more time to the service for the community and feel satisfied with the process. If they are satisfied, they will be able to do their duties diligently. In addition, they should be rewarded for best performance as this would motivate them to work more and in the process improve their performance (Davis  Newstrom, 1998).

In conclusion, the organizational behavior happens to cover practically most of the aspects of an organization, such as human team, behavior, leadership and the organization culture and therefore, the most important elements will have to deal with all these aspects.  Such important organizational behavior elements are the output elements, such as performance, career development, the organizational culture, and the organizational management which ensures that the organizations vision, mission, goals and values are upheld. If these elements are not looked at well in the organization, they may result to a criminal justice system that is inefficient. This is a system that hardly achieves its goals. A system that does serve the community that it is supposed to serve (Koch, 2006.)


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