U.S. Agencies Coordinating Haiti Rescue Efforts

The Haiti tragedy that left thousands of people dead and thousands more homeless has been well coordinated. Every department of the government United States of America has been deeply involved in the rescue efforts. The U.S President Barrack Obama in a statement to the members of the national security shortly after the earthquake struck was quick to assure the world that his government would lead in aggressive and coordinated rescue efforts.

As far as mitigation of the tragedy is concerned most analysts argue that better buildings would have worked in prevention of this particular tragedy. Analysts argue that the manner in which most of the buildings in this area were built contributed a great deal in the magnitude of the tragedy.

However as far as preparedness is concerned some analysts argue that Haiti was caught off guard by the striking of the tragedy and that they were not as prepared. Although one thing for sure is that one can never be prepared for a tragedy, measures must always be put in place to cope with such tragedies whenever they occur. The measures put in place in Haiti were not adequate and that was perhaps the reason why the tragedy was quite severe.

Despite the various efforts that the U.S have made in response to the Haiti tragedy there has been massive criticism over the manner in which the US government has handled the Haiti issue. The first thing that the US government did was to send military troops to the affected families so as to offer them protection. However there is a public outcry over the slow place in which food and other amenities were taken to Haiti. Critiques argue that the U.S government has not shown commitment in the rescue efforts in Haiti. There was a slow pace by the government of sending troops to Haiti and yet more than 250,000 thousands soldiers were sent by the same government during the attacks on Iraq and Baghdad. The government has therefore been accused of being indifferent and lacking care of human life.

The recovery efforts on the other hand were somewhat difficult as most of the bodies were trapped under the rubbles. However with the use of heavy and sophisticated machinery the U.S government has managed to excavate thousands of bodies that were trapped inside. However the rescue efforts are far from over as it is believed that there are many more bodies that are yet to be unearthed.
According to President Obama who issued a statement shortly after the tragedy occurred one of the priorities of his government was to locate all the Americans that were in Haiti by the time the tragedy occurred. This was going to be done in conjunction with the U.S. Embassy in Haiti.

Since the Haiti tragedy struck there has been mixed reactions regarding the manner in which the U.S. government has handled the issue. While some feel that the government has shown commitment most others feel that the government has handled the issue a little too casually. Reports indicate that the government has been reluctant on this particular issue since Haiti has never been considered as important to the United States.


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