Criminal Law

Opium Poppy was highly grown in Afghanistan before 2008.  The production of opium declined in 2008. Even with the decline in cultivation, Afghanistan is the highest producer of opium in the world. Cultivation of Opium was concentrated in some parts of the country. The revelation of the growth and trade of opium was revealed in 2008. The reasons behind the decline of opium cultivation included reduction in prices, harsh weather conditions, and enhanced governance.

The bilateral cooperation between Afghanistan and U.S was witnessed in 2008 by the support accorded to Afghanistan government towards eradicating narcotics. Media was furnished with information with the counternarcotics program. This program was supported by United States by ensuring all the citizens were informed. This was achieved through campaigns, radio broadcast and printed materials. United States was devoted towards awarding those governors who ensured an opium free society. In the case where governors fail to eradicate poppy, U.S was to provide support by putting forth a firm strategy towards eradication. United States was ready to team up with Afghanistan government in carrying out investigations to ensure an opium free country. Prosecutions were to be carried on those who fail to adhere to the set laws. The program was planned to seize the drug stockpile and destroy them. Drug trafficking was to be handled keenly by tracking narcotic trade. The bilateral cooperation between Afghanistan and U.S is geared towards eradication poppy in Afghanistan.

Argentina is also one the countries covered in the report for the involvement in narcotics trade. There are various strategies which have put forth to eradicate narcotics trade in Argentina. There have been laws which have been set to prevent the entry of drugs from Bolivia, Colombia and Peru. Argentina set drug smuggling initiative by involving bordering countries which include Brazil and Paraguay. Argentine government works hand in hand with the Drug Enforcement Administration in ensuring drug free country. Prosecutions are carried out people trading in narcotics. This is achieved through investigations which identify drug traffickers. Argentine relies on intelligence in her mandates of law enforcement. This received some set back with expulsion of a Drug Enforcement Administration agent from Bolivia. United States provided a hand by ensuring investigations on drug traffickers. This was achieved by tracking the goods on transit. The coast is manned by United States guard ensuring there is no entry of drugs in Argentine.

Australia is amongst the devoted countries towards eradication of drugs. The Australian government has formulated policies which are directed towards compacting illicit drugs. United States works closely with the agencies concerned with law enforcement to ensure eradication of drugs. Australia has been involved in signing the drug convection. There are several counternarcotics activities which have been put forth in Australia with the help of United States. United States participates in formulating Australian policies. The Australian government works hand in hand with United States in drug destruction. They also collaborate in carrying out investigations on drug trafficking. These governments are led by a memorandum of understanding which defines the criteria to be followed. United States and Australia works closely in relaying information on narcotics trade. Sharing information on the trade of illicit drugs has made it possible deal with drug trafficking.

In conclusion, Drug trafficking has been on the horizon over the past few years. Several countries have collaborated in fighting narcotics trade. United States has been in the fore front in eradicating narcotics drug. This has been achieved through public campaigns, investigations, prosecutions and formulation of law biding policies.


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