Criminology for the Society

In my quest of being the best that I can be in my chosen field of expertise, integrity, honor, and service have always been the guiding principles that served as my basis in every decision that I have been faced with.  Having graduated from the Dubai Police College in UAE in 1999 with a degree in Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice, and after spending 13 years in the service that it has earned me the rank of Major, these principles still form the very foundation of my reason for choosing this profession.

However, being aware of the necessity of constantly bettering ones self for the benefit of the society that one has chosen of serving, I furthered my education in police methods by finishing my Masters Degree in Criminal Sciences and General Security from the Police Academy, College of Higher Education, Ministry of the Interior, in Egypt in 2003.  Without a doubt, this had benefited me with added competence in my areas of specialization, namely in crimes of money, crimes of passion, and maritime crimes.  Worth noting is the field of maritime crime, since I came from a nation whose small area is accentuated by a relatively long coastline, making apprehensions of violators in this field a very challenging endeavor.  Because of my dedication on these fields, I have received numerous promotions and commendations from my superiors, where as of the present, I am assigned to the Branch Office of Planning and Studies of the General Command of the Abu Dhabi Police Department, with the primary responsibility of staffing the police academy, create and supervise training programs, and establish optimal standards for our police officers.

Primarily because of the unfortunate reality that criminal minds change and adapt accordingly with the advancements in technology, especially with the dawning of the computer age, the Abu Dhabi Police has developed a strategy that hopes to combat this prevalence by instilling among its members the necessary technicalacademic trainings from the best universities in the world.  With this, I was fortunate to having been nominated of the distinction of furthering my skills in modern criminal investigation using scientific methods in collecting forensic evidences from the field, with hopes of eventually adding this to the existing base knowledge which will further improve our young officers skills in evidence gathering from the onset of their police education.

Being successful in my pursuit of furthering my education will certainly improve not only my skills, but as well as the competence of our entire nations police force, as this will allow me to learn from the premier university that specializes in my own filed of expertise.  Likewise, this will result in our having a more stable and peaceful national internal security, which can only result in gaining further economic successes for the good of the citizens.  It is my personal mission to disseminate whatever added knowledge I may attain from learning from an esteemed academic institution, back to my colleagues in Abu Dhabi for the advancement of the general crime preventive capabilities of my countrys police force.

The choice of applying to the University of South Florida for my doctorate degree comes only logically, as this institution possesses of a distinguished reputation of being included in the elite company of the best universities offering the aforementioned course.  I likewise believe that I can be a progressive contributor to the diversity of the student populace, especially with the profession that I had chosen, and in the societal make-up that is prevalent in almost all modern and dynamic societies.  It is my utmost aspiration, then, that I be given the opportunity to further my knowledge and a chance to be of further service to the society whose only aspiration is to live in peace and in harmony.  


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