Disaster Management

There are times when a nation will have some disasters affecting our societies. When such happens, it is necessary that the disaster is addressed as soon as possible. The reason is that this would in some cases reduce the loss that will be experienced. The loss is in form of life, property or high expenses in terms of food, operation cost and rescue operations. When such an incident takes place, the very first person that responds to a disaster are the police officers. These are the people who rescue the people that have been affected by the disaster first. They are the ones who inform all the other departments that are responsible for disaster management.

It therefore means that if the management of the local police officers is poor, they may not be able to respond to disaster quickly as it may be required. This consequently results to a lot of losses in terms of life, property and so on. These are some of the losses that would have been avoided incase the management was good. Due to mismanagement that may be there in this department, it means that all the other activities that will be involved to contain a disaster will be belated. If the management is poor, it will take a longer period of time to inform all the other departments which are involved and this means that there will be more loss experienced.

There is an advantage if the local police officers happen to be familiar with the community. There will be a very good community policing which means that some of those manmade disasters such as terrorism may be known before they take place. In addition, if there is a prediction of the occurrence of a disaster in an area such as a hurricane, the officers that are familiar with the community knows the area that is densely populated and which would take a lot of time to evacuate and therefore inform them and act on them first.


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