Responsibility during Chemical or Biological Attack

It is always necessary that as a disaster management organization, we must always be prepared to act in case there is a disaster that has hit one of our areas. This means that all the persons who are working in this and various other departments must be fully aware of what they are supposed to incase a disaster strikes one of our regions of observation. There are therefore different departments which happen to have different duties. All the officers or personnel who are in these departments should be aware of these duties and they should act as soon as possible in case a disaster strikes.

The very first department that should act in case a disaster strikes is the police officers department. In case there is a disaster, the police officers should be the very first people that should arrive at the area where the disaster have struck. It is obvious that when a disaster strikes, people who were not involved will like to come and see. They make huge crowds around the area that has been struck. This makes the work of all the other people who would like to rescue the victims difficult because of lot of obstruction. The work of the police officer is therefore to keep off the crowd and give the rescue team time and space to work.

In addition, there are some other cases mostly in bomb attack where the terrorists may explode a small bomb so that they can attract people and then explode the second one which has greater effect. If there is such a gathering, this may have a very serious effect on the community. The police officers are also responsible for ensuring that the scene of crime is not interfered with so that dusting can be done and all the other activities that are necessary to trace the cause of the crime.

Another department that is involved in disaster management process is the investigators department. These are the people who visit the area which has been struck by the disaster and determine the main cause of the disaster. In case of a crime scene, these are the people who usually collect the evidence, interview all the witnesses and are involved and decide the measure to take.

Then there is the Hazmat department which comprises of the decontamination experts and also the material disposal experts. In case of a biological or chemical attack, there is a possibility that the effect of the bomb or the chemicals that has been used will be felt all through and will continue to affect the area. There is therefore a need to decontaminate the area so that it can be safe for human beings. These are the people who are involved in this activity of decontaminating the area. In case there are some toxic substances at the crime scene, they are the ones responsible for ensuring that these substances are disposed properly.

Some of the materials that are found on the crime scene in case of a chemical attack are very toxic while others are very dangerous to handle. This calls for an explosive ordinance disposal team. This is a team of experts who are fully trained on handling explosives. They are able to detect any substance that may still be harmful to the rescue team. They wipe out all the dangerous substances that are found in the area that the disaster struck.

These are all the people that should be involved in case a disaster hits an area. They should report to the area where the disaster has struck the soonest they can as this is the only way that they will be able to prevent more loss. The very first group that should arrive is the police officers, then the investigators and lastly the Hazmat and the explosive ordnance disposal teams to ensure that the place has no more dangerous substances. However, all the teams may work together at the same time to prevent more loss of life and property that may be experienced out of delay.


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