Where violent and nonviolent crimes occur

Victimization by criminals is one of the most horrific experiences an individual may ever come across. Whether an individual faces violent or non violent crimes, the aftermaths are almost similar. Though both demand punishment, violent crimes should be critically looked into as compared to non violent crimes. It is usually hard to generalize violent crimes. It is very hard to predict the occurrence of a crime whether violent or nonviolent. Everybody is prone to crimes. Crimes occur all the time. This paper will look at some of the places where violent as well as nonviolent crimes mostly occur.

Violent and nonviolent crimes are mostly seen to occur at leisure oriented joints where alcohol and other related substances are served. Violent occurring in such places usually takes place at the end of the week when a lot of people are out of work. Property crimes also associated with leisure oriented joints take place during the weekends. Some of the common places where violent crimes occur include ATM centers, night clubs, and other stores where it is easier for criminals to attack. Most violent crimes have been noted to occur between mid and late night.

Some of the violent crimes that occur often include armed robberies, murder and manslaughter, rape, property theft, and many others. Most of the violent crimes committed are done by people whom the victim may know very well. According to Shaw and Meek (n.d.), murder, one of the most serious violent crimes may take place at the victims place of residence or at public places. Murders are usually committed when the places of residence or the streets are deserted. Rape is the form of violent crime that takes place at the victims place of residence.

Reiss (1993), notes that kidnapping does not regard the presence of other people it takes place even in the most crowded public places. In car jacking cases, the person or people present in a vehicle may be kidnapped along with the vehicle. These people may then be dropped off in remote places after a brutal victimization episode or even killed in extreme cases. Armed robberies also tend to use the same strategy. They may occur in broad daylight or at night either in cities or at the place of residence. Armed robberies mostly occur in situations where the victims are helpless.

Shaw and Meek (n.d.), states that the other form of crime, the nonviolent one, include cases such as burglary, car theft, pick pocketing, drug dealing, fraudulence, and other simple thefts. Shop lifting, one of the non violent crimes, takes place in the streets and residential areas mostly at late night when there is no one on sight. Theft of cars and car properties takes place in garages and parking places. All kinds of non violent crimes that involve property are mostly associated with breakage. Drug dealing often take place in residential areas which tend to provide privacy. Crowded places such as in buses, marketplaces, trains and other public places offer a very conducive environment for pick picketers. Mostly, the victims are unaware of any criminal activities going on. Fraudulence occurs when a person asks for exorbitant amount of money for a simple service heshe wants to offer. A very good example is the case where a person is asked to pay a huge amount of money to be taken to a particular place heshe does not know. A tourist for example may end up paying a lot of money to be taken to a place a very short distance from the airport.

Residential areas are very prone to both violent and non violent crimes. Crimes targeted to residential areas occur mostly when the perpetrators realize that houses are deserted or only one or a few members are present. These types of crimes are characterized as nonviolent because no harm is inflicted on the victim.

As this paper have described, violent and nonviolent crime occur in all places. They also take place at all times. Some of the common places where violent and nonviolent crimes occur include entertainment joints, marketplaces, residential areas and the streets. Robberies, rape, kidnap, are examples of violent crimes whereas fraudulence, pick pocketing, and drug dealing are some of the nonviolent crimes that exist.
Residential areas are potential targets for both violent and nonviolent crimes. Car theft a nonviolent crime mostly occurs in garages and parking lots.


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