Peacemaking Criminology

Peacemaking criminology is a vital tool in realizing the peaceful resolution of law violations and criminal behaviors in tie society. There are a number of methods which have been successfully used to realize peacemaking criminology.

The first method is the use of awareness creation in the society. The aim of creating awareness to the general public on the need or upholding the law is to prevent the occurrence of crimes in the society. This also improves the frequency of criminal reporting by the general public to law enforces.

Also employed is the method of rehabilitation and arbitration rather than punishment in addressing criminal issues in the society. It is to be understood here that the aim of this method is to ensure the sustainable re-fitting of criminals in the society. This method leads to long term resolving of criminal acts in the society.

Another method is the employment of community policing. It is to be realized here that it is the community members who best know the criminals in the society. Therefore by engaging in community policing, the law enforcers have increased chances of reducing discriminative conviction in the society thus realizing successful employing of peacemaking criminology.

Peaceful responding to criminal acts is still an applicable method of realizing peacemaking criminology in the society. It has been evidently established that the escalation of criminal acts in the society is mainly due to revenge mentality by the members of the community. This makes peaceful responding to crime crucial as it encourages understanding among the different stakeholders in the society thus instilling some sense of fair and just treatment of the criminals thus reducing chances of revenge acts.


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