Physical Security Methods

Security and clear logistics on the flow of personnel and vehicles or even animals is very crucial for data recording and keeping which can be used for research studies. The need to keep order at the same time security monitoring for purposes of protecting the interests of individual or firms investment or for safety of the public necessitates the need for such technology in effective barriers.  It is therefore pertinent that places like banks, busy highways, large companies and airports be equipped with these gadgets.

There are many types of devices used to prevent the three ways of access into an institution, starting from forced, accidental, or stealth entries. They include barriers, doors, turnstiles, closed circuit television (CCTV), detectors, electric locks and optical and card detectors. In this paper, the focus lies on discussing vehicle pop up barrier and internal turnstile types of barriers used in my former work of place, an airport.

The vehicle pop up barrier was used at the entry on the airport. The use of pop up metal plates was meant to control the direction and flow of vehicles moving in and out of the airport. This barrier was accompanied by guards, sensors and detectors for illegal goods like drugs. Controlling the flow of traffic in the airport was very important to avoid any confusion or any collision and again to ensure safety especially from international terrorist attacks. The vehicle pop up barrier was positioned at the entry and the exit of the airport and at the parking lot thus very important during emergencies like fire, bombing, terrorist attack or even when very important persons were present like the president.

The other device is the internal turnstile located inside the building. This is a barrier that was used to control the flow of passengers in a profiling manner past the security and checkpoint for airlines safety. The idea was to prohibit two or more persons passing the security points under one scrutiny which can confuse and at the same time let in terrorists or allow entry of illegal goods.

The internal turnstiles barriers are of different categories which include the optical, the full height and the waist high types. The turnstile at this point was preceded by manual checking by the guards and other x-ray scanning or computed tomography scans that identify passengers and luggage in accordance to the standard rules and ethic of safety. Once the passengers are cleared the luggage is taken to the luggage compartment of the plane and they board the plane after all other tests are done and are issued with the ticket. If there is an attempt of people to file past the turnstile without authority the alarm goes off thus triggering close check and response. On the other hand, the turnstile is useful in letting the security department keep a watchful eye of every personnel or passenger into boarding or leaving the airline.

The concept of time wasting is reduced by allowing multiple turnstiles operating in the security lounge. This was very effective in regulating the number of people being given services and saving time while at the same time delivering quality services. The use of internal turnstile in buildings can be improved effectively by introduction of mantraps and combination of security cameras. On the other had, the vehicle pop up barrier works well with a combination of a security package of card reader, guards and security cameras. These are the options that when added to the two primary options above make the working effective, easier and safer.

To start with, the card and proximity vehicle control involves the installation of bar codes that are read by a code reader situated in the vicinity thus allowing the entry of authorized vehicles. This can be very tedious in the airport as private cars have to first be fitted with such equipments before entry which is time wasting and energy consuming. It is therefore advisable if the airport has authorized cars that bridge the passengers from their cars to the airport thus ensuring tight security. The combination of these two barrier techniques plus the introduction of security cameras, guards and special unit agents like dogs for anti drugs should form the daily routines of  an airport car entry and exit check points for effective safety.

The use of mantrap in heavy financial dealing activities are in modern times applying this concept of ensuring safety and as a way of fighting robbery. The mantrap involves an exterior and an interior door. The mechanism of the two doors works in such a way that when the first door opens during entry it locks the interior door a position which allows only one person. At the same time, the security detail is able to verify the safety of the client by conducting scans and determining whether the clientele has weapons or possess a character that is dubious and that raises suspicion. After the checks are over, the person proceeds depending on the result, either allowed to proceed or taken to other compartments for further checking and analysis.

The mantrap system is a combination of controlled doors that open and closes antagonistically with the presence of a sensor or detector with the turnstile allowing only one person. This allows an easier way of scrutinizing the person before the services are offered. When the mantrap is combined with turnstile the results are effective as the profiling of the individuals is easy and gives the exact desired results. When exiting the hall, there are no metal detectors, a process where the doors work in the opposite mechanism to the entry doors.

To make it even more efficient new technological inventions are combining the mantrap with turnstile plus personal identification number and biometric strategies that exclude outsiders giving them a temporary access to the firm.

The working of these instruments of technology in human situations raises questions of ethics, equality, fairness and life care situations, which if they miss in this work automatically warrants criticism. It is from this position that the Fire Exits and Americans with Disability Act (ADA) rules comes into force. In accordance to these rules, the eventual goal is to make sure that no life is at stake in case of any accidents concerning the operation of working places. Thus, they stipulate that during emergencies, the staircase, passage ways and building connectors should not be difficult to locate and open. They should be planed with minimal materials exhibiting a smooth surface. More so the fasteners should not be locked from inside and should close right away after opening and finally be made up of fire proof materials.

In addition, the fire code lays down more information catering for the blind, hearing and sight impaired and the physically weak. Outlined in these rules, the implication is that blind people must be cared for by installing devices that lead them upon touching one where to proceed. Those with hearing difficulties should be catered for by use of signs if they can be able to read, or the presence of sign language instructors in combination with the right colors and size of signs and notices. For the physically weak, specially designed passageways with ample space and at the same time with easy to open locks is a prerequisite for their safety (United States Access Board, nd).

With the vehicle pop up barrier usually at entry points or at designated parking lots there is need for signs with the right color, size and correct information incase of emergency like car bombing, armed robbery or fire emergency. The internal turnstile in building should have egress buttons allowing movement where on normal situations would be out of bounds. In addition, there needs to be clear signs on where to exit incase of emergencies and the doors as well as the latches should be made of light materials and doors should not open with accompaniment from neighboring doors.


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