Forensic Technologies

The field of forensic technology has been growing steadily because of advances in the science and technical fields and growing emphasis on the use of these new technologies in solving criminal activities. Forensic technologies include DNA testing, ballistics, fingerprinting, and toxicology. Technologists in this field of criminology work at crime scenes and also in the laboratories and are called upon to give testimonies in courts of law.

The criminal justice system is highly dependent on forensic science as the new technology is rising at a steady but faster rate. The inadequate available resources for carrying out this work are put under strain due to increasing demand for scientific evidence. The demand is too much to an extent that our laboratories are unable to meet the demands of our clients at the time which is necessary. Because of this strain, the entire criminal justice system has become inefficient and ineffective. It is our responsibility to ensure that increasing demand on our laboratories does not compromise the accuracy and the quality of the work we do because this would result into injustice.

Because of the above challenges, I thought it wise to bring to your attention the current status of our laboratory equipments. The equipments which are currently used in our laboratories are outdated and are unable to meet the growing demands of our clients. There is dire need to purchase new advanced equipments which will ensure accurate and faster results to our clients. This will also improve the quality of the evidence provided and make the criminal justice system effective and efficient. New advanced equipment will also limit the possibility of human error at the time of processing the evidence since this can alter the entire sample.

The efforts to increase the analysis capacity of the crime laboratory includes updating the infrastructure, automating DNA analysis procedure, improving retention and storage of the scientific evidence. Our laboratory needs assistance so as to obtain the basic equipment and materials which are necessary to carry out DNA analysis which includes extraction, quantification, and amplification so as to meet various endorsement requirements.

Automation tools such as robotic DNA extraction units are needed. This will increase analyst productivity, reduce human error and avoid contamination of the samples. The laboratory needs to be provided with support so as to store and retain forensic evidence in a manner that maintains its integrity, and availability throughout the investigation period and judicial proceedings. The equipments for storage are costly since it should include security systems, environmental control systems, room temperature monitors, and de-humidifiers. These equipments will ensure improvement of evidence storage therefore accurate results.

Our laboratory currently requires various equipments some of which include DNA analyzer, gas chromatograph and mass spectrometer, photo lab, PCR technologyPCR systems, laboratory and industrial freezers and infrared spectroscopy. Photo lab would be used to develop and print out required pictures at the right time when they are needed. It will also make work easier especially when taking photos of the crime scene. PCR technology PCR system equipments are very important in cases where the evidence needs to be amplified and more specifically biological evidence. It produces billion copies of DNA material needed. This equipment will enable the laboratory to process even the trace evidence which can be found at the crime scene. DNA analyzer is very important equipment which our laboratory cannot operate without. It works by identifying the DNA sequence of the evidence collected and comparing it to the sequence of the suspect linked to the crime.

Laboratory and industrial freezer will ensure that the evidence is preserved in the right way in which no information will be lost. They can keep the samples for long without changing their contents. Gas chromatography is used to separate and analyze compounds which can be vaporized without decomposition. It is mainly used to test purity of a particular substance or to separate mixture of different things and their amounts in the mixture determined.

Therefore, in conclusion, owing to the current situation of our crime laboratory, there is urgent need of the above listed equipments and materials. It is upon each and every one who is seated here today to come up with a solution to the current crisis we are faced with. This is because if the condition prevails for a long time, we are going to be rendered irrelevant and this would mean that we will not be able to provide the services to our clients. Increasing demand for scientific evidence is currently on the rise which means even the laboratory should have advance equipments needed.


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