Homeland Secretary

In such a case, it would be advisable to take immediate measures so as to avoid people from suffering from this bomb attack. The very first thing that I would do is to identify the area where the suspected bombers are located. Unsuspected, I would send some investigators to ensure that in deed there are some activities that are taking place in that warehouse. Once I have confirmed that there are some activities in this warehouse, I would inform the law enforcement department or the police department. I would advise them that they should ensure that people are evacuated from that area so that they cannot be victims of the attack.

While I am informing the police, I would inform the investigator and the bomb expert team. This is because these are the people who may be in better position to handle such a situation. In case these terrorists want to detonate the bomb, the explosive experts should be there so that they can handle the case and prevent any damages. I would make sure that within twenty four hours, all these departments are aware of the situation and the exact location where these terrorists are.

For the evacuation of the people, I would advise the officers to make a door to door announcement to all the people living within a kilometer from the area where the warehouse is. This would minimize the chances of the terrorists knowing that they will be impounded. I would advise the police officers to give the neighborhood a deadline of about six hours to temporally vacate the area. It should be made clear the reason why they are being asked vacate the area and the possible consequences of failing to vacate the area.

At this point, I would also inform the military and tell them that they should stay alerted in case the administration police will not be able to deal with the terrorist. They should therefore not make any move until they are instructed to do so. I would then require the police offices to make an arrangement with the bomb or explosive experts on impounding the area. Before the warehouse is impounded, it is necessary for the police officers should make sure that all the people in the nearby areas have vacated the area. This should be done in case the terrorists think of detonating the bomb it will not affect too much damage to life and property.

All these activities should be done within twenty four hours from the time I have been informed of the existence of such activities in the city. Very early in the morning of the following morning, I would require the police officers and the explosive experts to impound the warehouse. They should do it carefully to avoid any tip off to the terrorist. They should make immediate arrests to the terrorist and they should thoroughly search the warehouse for existence of explosives. This is where the work of the explosive experts is they are supposed to ensure that all the explosives that are found are handled with care to prevent any explosion which may be dangerous to the police officer. If the police officers are overwhelmed by the terrorists, I would inform the military to report to the area immediately.

In case the police officers succeed in apprehending the terrorist, this is the time that I would make it public through announcement in the media such as radio or television. After making sure that no other such incident is in the area, I would announce through the same media to all those people who have formally vacated their area to return as it is now safe. I would also ask them not to hesitate in case they hear or learn of such an activity in the area and in the entire city.


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