Integration of Technology

With advancement in technology, the systems of criminal justice have not been left behind. Various advanced technological gadgets have found their use in various areas of the criminal justice. These gadgets have more advantages than disadvantages.

Technology integrated into various parts of the criminal justice system
There are numerous areas of criminal justice in which technology has been integrated. Police cars are one of them. Video recorders that are supposed to video tape all stops have been installed in police cars. The main purpose of these recordings is to provide evidence when police are charged in court. Radars have also been mounted on police vehicles dashboards for the purpose of tracking high speeding vehicles. Internet connected laptop computers have also been installed in police vehicles. Police stations have also not been left behind in technological development. Automated Fingerprint Identification System is one of the most employed technologies in police stations. Computers are used for booking in police stations. Printers are also used in police stations. Photocopier machines have also found their use in police stations. In court setting, information about the status of a certain case is available online. Cases are now presented in court using technologically advanced machines such as projectors.

According to Pattavina (2005), the integration of technology into routine aspects of police has increased officer productivity and decreased resource costs. For example, the recordings are of very much benefit as they prevent police from being accused wrongfully in court. They act thereby as cost savers against lawsuits. After offenders have been ticketed, these devices act as sources of revenue. The use of internet connected laptops has acted as a cost as well as time saver. Initially, a cop had to radio in and wait for results. Laptops reduce the task of checking multiple vehicles and people. The use of Automated Fingerprint Identification System have made easier the tedious task of  perusing files to check whether  somebody has been charged before or is a member of the military. The use of computers to type and keep booking reports has reduced the burden to the tax payers of paying extra tax as no clerical support staffs are required. Police officers can now comfortably handle the task. Printers are cost savers they cost less than a typewriter. Availability of cases status online saves attorneys time and money of sending someone to retrieve a paper file and go through it.

There are numerous machines developed from technological advancement that have found their way into various areas of criminal justice for example, courts and police stations. These gadgets include computers, radars, and video recorders. These gadgets have acted as time as well as cost savers in this sector.


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