Child Abuse

Child abuse can be described as failure andor doing something that may result in harming or exposing the child to the risk of being harmed. Child abuse can take different forms which include physical, sexual, or emotional abuse. Child neglect is also considered as another form of child abuse. By learning and understanding the prevalent forms of child abuse, one can be able to intervene, prevent and aid in breaking the cycle of abuse.

Types of child Abuse
Physical abuse involves infliction of physical injuries to the child whether with intent or not. Such injuries are as a result of child beating, kicking, biting, and any other action that leaves the kid nursing physical injuries that may range from mere bruises to severe fractures. Extreme cases may result in death of the victims. Sexual abuse involves any activities by the childs parents, guardian, or caretaker that may be regarded as sexual assault to the kid. Such actions include rape, sodomy, fondling the childs genitals among other indecent actions. Issues of child pornography and exploitation through prostitution are also regarded as child sexual abuse. Emotional abuse involves a pattern of behavior that is detrimental to the childs psychological and emotional development. Emotional abuse may take the form of constant threats to the child, being too critical to the kind, withholding love, and being generally emotionally unsupportive to the kid. Lastly, child neglect involves failure to provide for the childs basic requirements in life.

The issue of child abuse is deeper than once thought, it takes more than mere bruises and fractured bones. Even though physical abuse is easily recognizable due to scars that it leaves behind, other forms are also prevalent. Emotional and sexual forms of child abuse are equally detrimental to the childs well-being and therefore need to be addressed with much vigilance just like the physical form of abuse. Child abuse is a serious concern and the victim usually suffers emotional and physical damage. It is therefore advisable to address the problem before it goes beyond control and have negative repercussions to the child.


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