Current Ethical Issues in Law Enforcement

Law enforcers have a code of conduct to observe when carrying out their duties. They should apply necessary force when restoring order or arresting suspects, practice diplomacy, keep confidentiality, high moral standards and always show respect for their career. Therefore, the duty of police officers is to serve the community and contribute to its security and development. They should also observe the rights of the ones they serve with attention to freedom, impartiality and fairness. Police officers should conduct themselves in a respectable manner when in duty or not. This is to show boldness, self esteem, good manners and sincerity. It is important that they observe the rule of the law and collaborate with other law enforcers. However, the officers often find themselves breaking their code of ethics.

Corruption is a major problem facing police officers and this is an indication of dishonesty. In additions, it lowers public opinion against them leading to mistrust. Corruption may consist of taking gratuities, collaborating with gangs and banned sects, leaking of important information, false signing of documents, racism, harassment, sexual misuse of people, and refusal to observe the law in general among others.

Law enforcers are also known for their brutality when dealing with suspects. They are found using excessive force which might and even injure or kill the suspects. In essence, this is a breach of the law and it should be condemned.

An ethical problem may arise when police officers feel victimized. This is because the police officers are usually under the control of their bosses and due to nature of their job, they are always at risk. As a result, they may tend to omit their duties leading to reduced output and opposition to authorities. The officers may then start committing some mistakes and even involving themselves in criminal activities. As the events follow, accountability is lost and officers feel like they are above the law. Finally, trustworthiness and integrity is lost.

In conclusion, news about the police moral decay in terms of bribery, conciliation and integrity are on the rise. The issues of investigating, and punishing officers for unethical conduct should be reviewed and more proactive measures taken.


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