Interview Analysis

This interviews major themes are victims rights, victim assistance, mental health issues, substance useabuse, and Rape in America. The interview is with Dr. Dean Kilpatrick who is an authority on these subjects.

Analyzing the Interview
This interview starts primarily with a discussion about PAR, People Against War, with the founding member Dr. Dean Kilpatrick explaining how and why it started and how it contributed overall to the benefit of the rape victims.

Dr. Dean in this article explains the struggle he and other members of the PAR had to undergo to bring to the masses the importance of counseling for Rape Victims. For example he elaborates that how PAR utilized media and news paper to spread awareness about victims of War. He also elaborates how he collaborated with others to get the research grant from the National Institute of Mental Health and how they collected the funds to support the research. Hence this part serves the purpose of introducing and discussing the initial problems faced by the organization

Towards the end of the first part of the interview he has also been able to tell what the failures of the organization are one failure that he pointed out turns out to be the involvement of several groups of people with completely different focus and hence having a divided vision.

Dr. Dean also commented on PAR success that how it was able to successfully affect in bringing the constitutional amendments related to the victims but also mentioned about the failure of the organization was in the enforcement of these laws as laws were never enforced completely.

Dr. Dean has claimed that one of the great accomplishments so far of the PAR is the recognition that there are many victims of rape. Dr. Dean further claims that stable funding is needed for promoting the program to improve upon the services provided to the victims.

The interviews also suggests that to further help and support the victims and the rape victims constitutional amendments need to be done at the Federal level because this would in turn cause the state laws to change quickly and affect the masses big time.

In the second part of the interview Dr. Dean has emphasized the role that National Victim Assistance Academy victim service field has played by imparting knowledge and researching.

Dr. Dean advocates the goals such as academic victim advocacy partnership and the development of educational research and development tools for the whole victim assistance field. Although this part is suppose to be very strong but not much information is provided here.

Dr.  Dean said that National Victim Assistance Academy focus is on research because he thinks thats the way victims can be provided better care and this would help enhance the system. What I think he is trying to tell is that its about evaluating the old system continuously and introducing new stuff in order to make improvements and making the victims recover quickly.

I clearly can make out that after the struggle of several years there are a lot of things that need to be done and every other day bring new challenges to the academy as new events keep on occurring and hence a lot of things need to be done, maybe this is the way he might be able to secure more funding for the program.

In the last part of the interview the motives of mentoring the interns has been explained that how and why do they go for the training at one of the centers to get to know more about the affected people and get a personal touch so that they can easily incorporate that learning.

The research area of Dr. Dean is crime victims mental health and according to him even after 20 years have passed a lot needs to be done to improve the system. In this interview the programs that he had been involved has been discussed


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