A Risky Mission

Jay tried to close his eyes and sleep but in vain. He wished he could vanish from the surface of the planet and move to another planet where the loanshark could not call or ask for the 4000. He remembered the phone call that day. He had been given only 48 hours to get back the money. He recalled vividly the deal he had made with the loanshark. He was to refund the 4000 the previous day. His plans had not worked out and he had not yet got hold of the money. The events of the past day flashed through his mind like those of a movie he had watched the previous weekend. Jay had failed to meet three payment deadlines by the loanshark. He had ardently believed that he would get the money but all his efforts were frivolous. His attempts to steal and sell spare parts had yielded no substantial returns. He had been warned twice and his job was hanging on a balance. He could neither ask for help from his boss nor his supervisor.

A quick reflection on Jays life revealed an unreliable background. Jay had been brought up by his foster parents who could not afford to take him to a good school. He learned in a local school near his home. He took a mechanics course which landed him on a job that could hardly support him. He could rely not on his relatives for help. He had to fabricate a plan to help him get money to repay the loanshark and for his upkeep. Jay had no assets to offer as collateral or sell to pay back the loanshark.
He mentally surveyed the whole city for any possible opportunities. He analyzed all the possible centers and settled for one. The restaurant would his prime target. He prognosticated that the daily sales would be above 10000. He had been an occasional customer of the High Life Restaurant and was certain that his prediction was authentic. This was the catch he would dash for. His faced gleamed at the idea. He needed to take all precautions in his plan. He went through the operation in his mind and was convinced that it would not be in vain.

Jay first needed to take a thorough survey at his target, to know exactly where the money was kept, the location of exits, the number of security men, the arrangement of the whole building and all the necessary details that needed to be considered. He knew that such activities needed proper planning and a sound mind. A slight blander would land him in jail. Jay had been bright in school, in spite of the financial huddles encountered. He resolved to incorporate his two close allies in the scheme since he could not execute it alone. These were his most trusted pals. He needed to go through the plan with them and give them clear instructions. Since he had only 48 hours to pay back the loanshark, Jay would spring into action the following morning.

The process would commence with a lengthy discussion by the trio, laying their strategies and plan of action, he thought. The initial step would be for them to survey the restaurant. They would pass as customers and confirm how the cashiers operate. It would be important to know this so that they could know exactly how to strike and run for the money.  With a little concentration and keen observation of the activities of the restaurant, this could be established. They only needed to divide their areas of concentration, with one focusing on the cashiers and others on the security and exits.

The next course of action would be purchase of the necessary operation equipment. Jay wanted the operation to be a success. The equipment would include daggers, gloves, masks, a pistol, and master keys to unlock the safe. Most restaurants save money in the safe before taking for banking. The safe would be the target of the operation. They had to be quick and precise. The whole operation would not last more than ten minutes. Jay went through the operation again for his friends to internalize.

The time of the robbery is very crucial. Proper timing should be set where a lot of money would have been collected and less attention is at the counter. The position of the trio was also vital. They would dress neatly and stash their tools in a brief case. This would not raise any eyebrows. They would move to the washroom in turn to put on their masks, gloves and get ready for the operation.

The operation would start by firing in the air to confuse and instigate fear in the people. The second person would give stern orders for all people to lie down. The security men would be highly guarded. Instantaneously, the third person would dash for the money. Firing into the air would send ripples of fear across all workers and the cashier would be ordered to unlock the safe at gun point. The whole exercise would occur in a split of a second and once the safe is emptied, Jay and his team would swiftly leave through the rear exits. The trio had to hire a taxi and brief the driver of the plan. The taxi would pack near the rear door of High Life Restaurant with its engine running. The doors would also be open and the taxi driver was to be instructed to be extremely alert.

The plan was complete. The final phase of the operation would be sharing the money. After the mission was completed, Jay would confidently pay back the money to the loanshark and the trio would move out of town for a couple of days. Jay realized that necessity is the mother of invention and where there is a will a way could be found.


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