Bio as A Criminologist

The study of criminology opens up new possibilities for professionals to understand the significance and value of actions and behavior leading to criminal behavior. One essential career goal that I seek to pursue revolves around competently justifying situations and existence of crime. Here, I should be able to utilize prevalent theories and identify their meaning and value to the actual deviant behavior. By doing this, it actively involves thorough investigation and study of cases and seeking to study approaches made by current scholars who have supplemented the development of this practice.

Another objective that I seek to achieve as a criminologist is to decipher new models and applications of enforcement that can control specific societal standards. However, to achieve this requires sufficient understanding of norms that are comparatively different in societies. Due to this, I seek to sustain the effort of acquiring knowledge from the capacity of scholars such as Philip Reichel, Jan van Dijk, and Charles Hou to interpret these trends accordingly.

Here, it can be seen that Reichels research can complement my study because of his focus in understanding the value of criminal behavior and criminology in the perspective of the globalizing environment (SAGE, 2000). I do believe that this is crucial in creating better ways of understanding how the discipline becomes globalized and what patterns remain existent within this specific trend.

For the part of Jan van Dijk, I seek to develop a keen eye over perspectives on security, safety, and victimology as it applies to the field of criminology (Tilburg University, 2009). On the other hand, Dr. Hous expertise in the crime prevention and the study of crime corresponds to a new perspective in understanding the situation more effectively (Pakistan Society of Criminology, 2003). Through these scholars, I can gain the skills to improve in my chosen field.


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