Personal Understanding of Crime Commission

Analyzing Mr. Jones predicament, it can be seen that he has no other legitimate way to get the 4000 he owes to a loan shark. Due to this, he had to result to drastic means in order to procure something within 48 hours. Looking at his personal profile, Mr. Jones is 35 years of age, Caucasian, around 62 inches tall, and is comparatively lean built. When he was young, he lived in the suburbs during his youth where he had friends with some juveniles within the area. However as his family transferred to the city, to pursue further education, he became a city policeman. He is considered by many to be friendly and responsible in performing his tasks. Due to this, he is known by many of the citizens and is well integrated to the community.

Given the current predicament surrounding his debts, Mr. Jones is faced with a tough decision to break his code of discipline and engage in a criminal act. To achieve this, he had to first come up with a particular strategy in addressing what type and how many victims will be involved in such incident. His overall objective of course is not to be caught and at the same time, create opportunities to be discreet and relatively undetectable in some processes. It is through such that he decided to create different plans of actions wherein he can initiate the plan.

However, given the time constraint, he had to synthesize the corresponding plan to only three (3) wherein Mr. Jones would pick a combination of two or just one approach. Among these choices include (1) selling drugs to a city outside his jurisdiction and make around 2,000 for 48 hours, (2) tamper towards intelligence records of police department and try to blackmail companies who are suspected of engaging in illegal activity to get 4,000, and (3) stealing parking ticket payments in a span of 48 hours. Given these scenarios and options available for Mr. Jones, each of these plans must carefully be analyzed so as to provide the success on his part to procure the money.

In the first approach, it can be seen that Mr. Jones can reconnect with his juvenile peers who are still out in the open. In this process, he can say that he needs money and would ask if there are some options to make easy one. From this point, there is a corresponding exchange of drugs and selling them to consumers at a considerable profit. Since there are risks involved, the process should come slowly. For Mr. Jones, he has the chance to target this during two consecutive nights and try to earn as much as 1,000 dollars per day. So those in the last night, he can gain around 2,000 and complete half of his tasks.

The next strategy that can be employed by Mr. Jones revolves around his ability to steal parking ticket payments within the department. Analyzing this situation, this responsibility is given to the person on a given schedule. It is thus essential that during the two days that he has to engage in the plan, Mr. Jones is assigned in the responsibility. In here, he can tamper with both financial records and omitting some figures during the first day and second day. Since the delivery of these payments happens twice a day, he can effectively break down these amounts accordingly and justify appropriate directions to earn 2,000 dollars within the day.

The last strategy involves looking into the intelligence division of the department and addressing business entities or persons who are investigated for possible engagement in criminal act or unfair business practices. Since this is relatively destructive material for the company, Mr. Jones believes that he can money from it and bribing the people involved in such acts. If he chooses this strategy, he can acquire as much as 4,000 per day. However, he has to plan the approach in less than 48 hours to fully execute the given strategy in detail. At the same time, he has to use his connections both in the police department and community to gain significant information about the possible victim. At the same time, it establishes

Analyzing the capacity of the first endeavor to achieve success, it can be argued that Mr. Jones has to first secure his connections with his previous peers. That alongside the availability of drugs remains the only hindrance in pursuing this effort. However, if this pushes through, the next challenge for Mr. Jones would be to effectively target the given amount accordingly. Seeing this, it is then crucial to target high valued illegal drugs such as cocaine and MDMA. It is in here that he can gain large amount of profits at a short period of time. Similarly, since this would be made in the outskirts of the city, this can be very good in securing his identity. This complements along with the fact that Mr. Jones can operate during the night.

In the second option, success entails carefully laying out the plan and knowing the different procedures involved in handling money within the police department. One advantage that Mr. Jones has over this issue is his ability to handle the money himself. The only setback here is if he can correspond and be on duty during the time that he needs money. On the other hand, since he has been doing this job now for quite some time, he has full knowledge of what transactions and paperwork occur. In addition, he also knows what elements should be made to get the money. Likewise, he can also use the twice a day delivery as a means to delegate the needed amount to these areas accordingly.

The last aspect process to be successful needs multi-faceted approach from intelligence tampering to communication with target victim. This remains to be the least most effective because of high risk involved in establishing appropriate actions. At the same time, the plan can fail especially if there are no available intelligence to be utilized in the process or the company or entity does not succumb to these threats and instead exposes Mr. Jones

Overall, it is then crucial for Mr. Jones to identify which one can pose the least amount of risks possible. For example, since option 1 and 2 can go hand-in-hand and compensate one another, the value of choosing option 3 is still relatively higher because of other factors adding up to the value of risk. Thus, choosing the first and second option remains to be the most plausible actions that Mr. Jones can take.


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