Research Methods in Criminal Justice

Some of the recent shooting incidents in U.S universities are racially motivated. The incident at CT Wesleyan University is one of such incidents as overwhelming evidence was revealed that proved the gunman was an anti-Semitic and he had written in his journal that it is ok to kill Jews. Johanna Justin-Jinich, a Jewish student familiar to the gunman was the victim and was mentioned as the target in the said journal (Nelson, 2009).
The police response according to the article was adequate as thorough investigations were done thus assuring the local Jewish community and the students at the university of their safety (Nelson, 2009). But this is just one of the many incidents that have occurred over the years and the reasons vary from racism, as in the case of Jen (Johanna Justin-Jinich), to poor working conditions, prompting university staff to react in such a manner.
Police response towards such an incident is considered as vital and at times could determine the direction of the case. Therefore, preparation is fundamental and part of this involves research into their tactics as they respond to incidents and seek to improve themselves even further. Research is therefore very important as it goes into civilizing the tactics the law enforcers use in handling different cases thus improving their abilities even further. In such cases where a simple mishandling of the case could spark controversy, police response and tactics should be nothing short of professional, just and swift. Unfortunately, sometimes that is not the case since in some of the incidents, the law enforcers tend to collude with the college administration as they try to control the information in an effort to protect themselves. Such an event can therefore cause a lot of disharmony and unnecessary uproar from the local communities.        


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