Do you support the role of juvenile homes (separate prisons for juveniles) as an integral part of Early Childhood Intervention Programs

Do you feel all drug offenders deserve a trial in special courts (Drug Courts) or a classification among them is necessary

Would you allow plea-bargaining for all crimes If not, where should this threshold be set and what factors would you base it upon

Do you support the present parole laws If no, what change would you prescribe

Do you think the right to bail must be made a compulsory right

Are you satisfied with the current Victim Services Program What new features would you prescribe

Should penalties carry a minimum fine as opposed to a maximum fine

Are you in favour of legalizing of euthanasia (mercy killing)

Do you support the cause for specially instructed juries for capital punishment cases

Would you argue in favour of reversing the burden of proof in domestic violence cases

Do youth curfews and free speech zones violate the right to free speech

Do you believe criminal trials should carry compensation for the victim

Should life imprisonment terms be eligible for parole

Do you think brain mapping tests  narco-analysis should be allowed

Do you think heads of corporations should be tried in criminal cases and held liable for the acts of their organization


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