An essay on the relationship of terrorism and democracy and the relation of anarchy to the modern terrorism.

The emergence of the United States from the Britain was a controversy where they were fighting for the enlightenment democracy. This led to the American Revolution where the birth of democracy created conspiracy on terrorism.  A terrorist activity occurs more often in democracies. This is triggered by class inequality and the enlightenment. Terrorism is a threat to the lives of the citizens but overlooking it and overreaction might lead into a threat to   democracy.  Freedom of speech, thought and action is required for terrorism to take effect. In my essay my main theme is hat terrorism and democracy is mutually positively correlated where the presence of one determines the existence of the other.

Terrorism can be viewed from different dimension where in most cases it represents those who fight against the ruling government. In the bid to fight for democracy, the group is however termed as terrorism like in the French revolution.

The anarchists were intensively fighting for the democracy where they were demanding for the reorganization of the class structure and the distribution of wealth. The capitalists owned a lot of wealth and wee politically powerful and they were totally opposing the opinion. The failure of 1848 revolution was dreading where socialists demanded industrial control, the communists were campaigning for the centralized control of economy and anarchists were supporting them. These were attempts to make all the people equal not only with respect to freedom but also with the economic equality. (White, J 2009)

However the evolution only led to some economic awareness where the middle class achieved some wealth but there were no changes in the social structure. This was in a bid to emphasize for democracy over the centralized communist power and many people believed and compared them as the same thing to terrorism. These radical democrats, on realizing the democratization was slow opted for the violent revolutions. In the fight for democracy they were termed as terrorists due to their motive to terrorize the capitalists and their supporters. (White, J 2009)

In effort to avoid terrorism the anarchists resolved on the use of strikes, demonstration and mass actions. This way they avoided use of violence but this never worked for long and in the late nineteenth century the anarchists used beheading of head of states as a way of expression. There was a pattern of transformation through the combination of ideas and some anarchists moved from rhetoric to violence. This wholly denounced them as terrorists. The increased labor violence, rhetoric and social unrest championed political assassinations. Tension dominated between the cooperative anarchy and authoritarian where the anarchists advocated for political murder and this could be distributed into the society.

The movement attracted large number of followers and some followers settled for violence over the peaceful social change. The new alliances led to middle class political parties and a communal socialism was emerging. But the political structure heavily fought this and its dominance was blocked. To add their popularity, they merged with the labor parties for the workers as well as to stop isolation. But there was a difficulty in attracting the urban workers to their movement due to their increased wages. (White, J 2009)

 This eventually led to the bombing propaganda. This clearly shows that patriotic wars by the anarchists was misinterpreted and termed as terrorism whereas this was a fight for nationalism. The bombing propaganda was just meant to reduce the investment and make the capitalists financial interests unprofitable. This however, in turn would help in curbing the financial investments for the country. Eventually, this would help in sustaining the war as well as mobilizing followers to gain public attention. Their main task was not to kill, but of equal if not higher importance was to create support. This would help them to go through the war of liberation and help to support them to their objectives of political democracy. (Tim Pat)

The Irish republic army movement was meant to raise terrorism where al the volunteers were individuals with political interests. Their main goal was to fight against the superior force and thus they were trained on the use of arms. The army is full of sustained resistance and very hostile I a bid to fight the imperialism force and they are at the lead of many revolutions. They fought for a democratic government where every individual citizen has the opportunity to partake in making decisions that affects him. This is through decentralization of power. (Tim Pat)

In conclusion, the modern terrorism is related to the nineteenth century anarchism. The influential political society uses their powers and resources to fight the middle and the lower class. This is in effort to frustrate them and control them so as to avoid any power gain. There is no profound difference between the 911 conspiracy with the anarchy where at the end the ruling class take advantage of the middle class. Or was the United States not able to access the Iraq petroleum ores after the conspiracy.


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