CSI of Glass and Light

CSI of Glass and Light is a short video pertaining how glass can help investigators reconstruct the crime scene. It also informs how crucial glass evidence can lead to the perpetrator. The video also tell how glass is analyzed, the different kind of glass studied, comparison of glass fragments and glass fractures that greatly help in crime scene investigation.

Analysis of glass starts when there is a sign of a broken glass. This usually happens during breaking and entering of the perpetrator. This pieces of glasses are usually scattered and possibly be caught in the perpetrators clothing. If glass evidence is found in the clothing of the suspect, this is brought in the crime lab also with the pieces of glass at the crime scene. These materials are then compared by studying its physical properties such as density and refractive index.

There are three general types of glasses that are studied in CSI. The ordinary window glass or glass bottle which are common type of glass in relation with criminal investigation. The second type is the laminated glasses that are typically used as wind shield of vehicles. The third type is the tampered glasses which are usually prepared to withstand fracturing so when it shatters it will not form sharp edges that may hurt individuals.

Comparison of glass fragment is a huge help when linking the perpetrator to the crime scene. When the crime involves breaking of glass and there are pieces of glass that are found in the possession of the perpetrator, this pieces are examined in the crime lab with the broken glass at the crime scene where the density and refractive index characteristics are compared. When these pieces matched, it may lead to the real perpetrator of a certain crime.

Analyzing glass fractures also helps forensic analyst to reconstruct the crime scene. Understanding glass fractures and the direction of the impact that made it can determine what kind of incidence happened, for example, if a bullet is fired at the window, glass fracture can reveal whether the bullet came inside or outside the scene.

Examining broken glass is a huge help when it comes to crime scene investigation. It can expose or reveal the perpetrator and it can also aid forensic analyst reconstructing the crime scene. Broken glass is one of the most important evidence that a crime scene can provide.


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