The Criminal and Intelligence Analysis

Intelligence analysis can be considered different from criminal analysis but both of them are essential in the process of law enforcement. Intelligence pertains more to the gathering of covert information. In intelligence analysis the information coming from the intelligence units are generally considered highly confidential and most of the time considered very valuable and sensitive in nature. Unlike criminal analysis, the information here are less sensitive and the data they produced are common and found in the whole agency. Still the products or information provided from the two are very useful for crime enforcers in the process of crime prevention and suppression.

Criminal analysis on the other hand employs formal criminal justice theory, research method, comprehensive data collection and in-depth examination to evaluate crimes. Intelligence analysis and criminal analysis are both considered to have 3 levels of operations and this includes tactical intelligence, operational intelligence and strategic intelligence.

Among the different forms of crimes-violent crimes, organized crimes, narcotics and white-collar crimes, Crime and Intelligence analysis best served organized crimes and even narcotics crimes. Organized crimes are among the common target of intelligence analysis. Data collection concerning these offenses is very useful for identifying culprits or confirmation of suspected criminal groups. Law enforcement agencies may have recorded previous crimes associated with certain crime gangs. This aids in further search of criminals to abolish criminal organizations and threats. Application of the analysis can also be executed in investigating drugs or narcotic crimes.

With the help of modern investigation and data gathering systems, these organizations can be tracked down and suppressed. Compared to other kinds of law offenders and criminal groups, white-collar crimes and even violent crimes are the most difficult to track down being much complicated and elusive to monitor.


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