The ICC is poised to handle the case of the Joseph Kony, Vincent Otti, Okot Odthiambo and Dominic Ongwen (ICC-0204-0105) who are accused of leading the Lords Resistance Army (ICC, 2010). The LRA has conducted a murderous campaign against the Ugandan government in the north of the country, abducted women and children and destroyed towns and villages. They are accused of conducting rape of female victims and enslaving others as wives. LRA operatives have recruited children into their armies and forced hem to train as soldiers.

The President of Uganda referred the LRA case to the ICC for investigation and prosecution of the movements leadership. The Ugandan government also issued an amnesty to former rebels to turn in their weapons and become reintegrated into society. These measures were aimed at minimizing potential conflicts between former rebels and local people.   Since the government is not prosecuting the case, all parties would expect a fair judgment from the ICC and those found guilty will be sentenced accordingly. This intervention will reduce the likelihood of reprisals by supporters of the LRA command in the event their leaders face the maximum penalty.

The case of the prosecutor v Omar Hassan Ahmad Al Bashir (ICC-0205-0109), the Sudanese president over crimes against humanity committed in the Darfur region is likely to harm the peace process between the North and South (ICC, 2010). Bashir is accused of supporting genocidal acts in the area and failing to use his influence to stop the killings. His arrest and trial at The Hague could set off a series of events that could lead to the outbreak of civil war.  Owing to increased tensions, aggrieved northerners may commit genocidal acts against vulnerable southerners as retribution for what they perceive to be the southerners role in weakening the presidents international standing.

In conclusion, true peace and reconciliation can only take place when the parties to the conflict believe that they were dealt with fairly. Where one party feels that ICC actions are biased against them, the prospect of war will loom large. It is imperative that the ICC prosecutor exercises wisdom in deciding who should face the court lest such arrests contribute to full scale war and more human suffering.


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