Sociology of Crime

Analyzing the perspective of Durkheim surrounding the process of unattainable goal, it showcases not only the existence of such idea but also our inabilities not to meet our own ideologies and objectives in life. This reality, as difficult as it may be ascertained truly happens. Understanding this process then provides each one the opportunity to rethink the idea of positive thought and correspond to appropriate ways of setting standards for ourselves.

In essence, one can argue that indeed Durkheim contradicts the point made by numerous scholars over the value of positive thinking. Though he may not negate the impact it has made on people, centering ones life over this issues also creates the challenge of sustaining these endeavors accordingly. I do believe that alongside this line of thinking is the capacity to deduce the idea that failure may indeed happen regardless if we control situations or not.

Similarly, the feelings of unworthiness and distress may be a bit too exaggerated, however this is the reality that we humans must face. Like many positive thinking books would say its all in the mind. Due to this, I adhere to the notion of Durkheim but the overall impact of such expanding ideology still revolves around the capacity of the individual to balance these aspects together.

In the end, I do believe that it is by setting our own goals in our respective capacities and further recognizing our limitations in achieving this becomes the source and strength to continue addressing challenges in life.


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