Sociology of Crime

Its a normal behaviour for human beings to set goals and work hard towards achieving them. In some cases however, there are possibilities that the goals we set are unrealistic and the chances of achieving them are almost nil. In most cases, thoughts and behaviours of a perfectionist are very rigid and they dont give themselves an allowance of making a human error. Unfortunately, these people set these goals for themselves and people close to them. When they strive and fail to meet their goal, they end up loosing self esteem and feeling depressed.

Therefore, a realist goal can be likened to the level of performance and achievement, and the skills and abilities a person possesses. If theres a goal we have set and yet we lack the necessary ability, first we must focus on attaining those abilities. If we keep striving to achieve the goal yet we lack the ability, it will be a case of self deception that can lead to disillusionment.

Durkheim says that a person cannot be happy or even exist if his needs are not sufficiently proportional to his means. This means that if he lacks the necessary means, there will be friction and he will function painfully. Although aspirations are limitless, unobtainable aspiration can result to deviance or even suicide if they are not regulated to some extent. They can also lead to addiction or rebellion with a person trying to change the socially accepted norms when his goals are not attained.


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