Constitutional History

Criminal justice professionals ought to have a basic understanding of the constitution preparations. Having a look at the Declaration of independence, it is evident that the people have rights which must be respected. In this regard therefore, the criminal justice professionals must understand that each person is entitled to his or her rights and it was the thirst for freedom that led to the declaration of independence. They should also comprehend that for peoples rights to be protected, the government had to be established among men by getting its legitimacy from the approval of the governed.
Notably, the criminal justice professionals must realize that incase the government violate these rights, the people have the authority to abolish such a government and put up another one that will be in a position to respect their rights. In other words, it is the duty of the people to get rid of abuse from a tyrannical government by abolishing the forms on which it is habituated for the sake of their future security. To be specific, it is the brutality of the colonizers that made the Americans to make a declaration of their independence. For example, the reign of King of Great Britain was marked by repeated injustices leading to a tyrannical form of governance.

Actually, the King of Great Britain had suspended representatives houses severally because of fighting for the rights of the people. He also dictated the functions of the judges as well as putting standing armies without the approval of the people (In Congress). For this reason, the people were robed their freedom and liberty to walk and work freely in their land. Redress was petitioned severally in vain and the Americans had to declare for their freedom by appealing to the supreme judge of the world to separate them with the British.

Following the independence declaration was the creation of the U.S. constitution which is of great significance to the criminal justice professionals. The most vital part of the constitution to the criminal justice professionals is the Bill of Rights, where the rights of individuals are outlined in the first document of the U.S. constitution. However, it is one of the articles in the American constitution that brought a lot of controversies between the Federalist and the anti-federalist. This is because the anti-federalist wanted a constitution that clearly outlined peoples rights as well as the governments power limit (Constitution of the United States).

Another point to be noted is the slave trade this is because the continuation of slave trade was a violation of human rights and even though many leaders agreed to it as a major compromise, there were still those who were against it completely such as Samuel Hopkins of Connecticut (Constitution of the United States). The criminal justice professionals should also know how the constitution state trade relations with other countries and within its boundaries. It is important as well for criminal justice professionals to be in a position to understand the Qs and As of the constitution. These keeps them updated on the day to day amendments of the constitution for example the manner of addressing the president was changed from His highness the president of the USA and protector of their liberties to the President of the United States (Bloom, 2010).

In conclusion, it is unquestionable that the criminal justice professionals should accurately comprehend the supreme law of the land in order to ease their work. This is because, they may work in the impediment, enforcement and research field as police officers. They can also provide help to fatalities of cruelty and distress. For this reason, preparation of the Declaration of independence, the constitution and the bill of rights provides a good knowledgeable basis for the criminal justice professionals.


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