Crime, terrorism and corruption

How crime, terrorism and corruption intersect in the global environment
Let me give brief definition of each term according to the dictionary
-  Terrorism means political violence.
- Crime Actions prohibited by law.
- Corruption Dishonesty for personal gain.
One important factor that help crime and terrorism is corruption.
-Nowadays, terrorists use a globalised crime networks to do their acts.
Factors that improve relationship among crime and terrorism is
-Globalization, the end of cold war, and rapid advancement in technology.

What is new in these interactions
The acts of terrorism and crime has always been carried out across borders.
- What is new is relationship of operations between the three.
- The closeness of their interactions and the way they come together  and work to do their operations well.
- Terrorist groups are now doing criminal activities to make money, to pay debt and get-back lost money.

How each of these factors intersects in the regional environment ie in the examples of southern Thailand and the southern Philippines
- Organized crime groups(Shelley, 2006) is penetrating into the country and  providing services that the government failed to make available.
- Free markets and fall in state intervention is also factors that have lead to the increase of crime in Philippine and Southern Thailand.
- In southern Thailand, key institutions and legislatures e.g. police, judiciary etc have been infiltrated by criminal interests.
- The socio-economic and political disparity in the Philippine and Thailand are factors helping the growth of crime and terrorism in the state.
- The government officials  are all compromised.

What approachesmeasures are required to address this threat
Firstly, there is a need to change the way we see crime
-  Crime is not usually given as much importance as that given to terrorism.
- The view that criminals commits crime just to get money and terrorists for political agenda need to be changed for this problem to be faced squarely.
- Every factor that has attributed to the success of crime and terrorism should be immediately corrected in both the South Philippines and South Thailand.

In conclusion, there is little or no difference between a criminal and a terrorist, they work together. The two groups get their resources through corruption. Terrorism and crime have been greatly assisted by improvements in technology.

A greater international cooperation, a more harmonized legislation will surely help to combat corruption, crime and terrorism


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