Discussion Criminology

The overall goal in creating code of ethics alongside principles and mandates related to any profession corresponds to the ability of each individual to function and fulfill their responsibility with optimum competency and accountability. This process opens up new directions that foster the ability to provide the best service possible towards people who need it.  Seeing this, the article is then related to the field of criminology because like any other profession, it entails expectations and responsibilities that need to be furthered and practiced efficiently.

Since the process of criminology circumvent not mainly on just policing but also implementation of law-related policies, the process of establishing mechanisms to address error, bias, and unprofessionalism seeks to supplement the effort to further defend and ensure that credibility within these institutions are fostered. It also supplements the clamor for equating proper actions to respond to challenges within society and prevent abuse of power and authority.

Seeing this, it can be argued that like any other institutions, the field of criminology also utilizes set of rules in proper behavior and conduct. At the same time, these professionals can also be subject to reprimands and disciplinary measures if proven they have overstepped their given responsibilities.


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