Justice is the ability of having conformity to the principles of righteousness and correctness in all aspects. To be justice means that one has strict performance of moral duties, practical conformity to divine or human laws and having integrity when dealing with other people. In brief, justice means being upright, rectitude, and nurturing equity in all matters when dealing with humans.

The proper ordering of people and things within societies can be termed as justice. Justice as a concept has been subject to legal, philosophical, and theological reflections. It is a concept that has received enormous debate in history. There are a number of questions that have surrounded the issue of justice. The first question is the understanding of what justice really means. The requirement of justice among individuals as well as societies is also fiercely debated. Resources and wealth distribution in the society issue also comes in when equitble wealth distribution need to be done for equitable development. In wealth and resource distribution, equality issues come into the discussion.

People who have justice will demonstrate charity, benevolence, mercy, compassion and generosity. The individuals having justice are traditionally associated with reincarnation or sometimes what people refer to the divine providence and fairness. With justice one cannot be unfair in giving judgments, truthful and equal treatment of cases is a quality of justice. There is no justice if one is not transparent and fair. The key elements of justice are therefore fairness and transparency.

The proportionate to the offense commitment should be the rationale of giving punishment. This means that racial or sex differences should not make judgment to be biased especially when giving sentencing. This has been seen before in the United States where the individuals who used crack cocaine have been sentenced heavily than the users of powdered cocaine. The rationale has not been explained properly why the disparity exists. The observation that has been made out of this disparity in sentencing is the injustice and the lack of fairness and equality in cases involving the blacks in the United States.

Justice can be said to have been done only when decisions that are made in the court are empirical and the sentence relate to the crime that has been committed. It is understood that justice is the strict conformity to the law and during the sentencing of criminals the law has to be validated. To express justice means that full advantage is being given to people who deserve to be rewarded. Apart from giving the full benefits to the people who deserve and showing full appreciation by actions and making use of persons abilities, justice is a paramount obligation that should ensure that all people are given equal treatments.

As a probation officer, I would love to see all individuals and the crimes committed get the magnitude of what they deserve. The role of a probation officer in criminal justice system is important in the supervision of the offenders who have not yet been given sentencing against their crimes. Probation officers recommend various sentencing in the courts of law.

The ensuring that justice is done will be the most important goal to achieve and the tactics on doing so will involve truthfulness and fairness on the offenders. It will look unprofessional as a probation officer to pass wrong judgments which the offenders dont deserve. The provision of punishment by sentencing should not be biased on gender. As a probation officer, I shall ensure that men and women equally get the fair judgment according to their crimes. The women should no be sympathized because of their gender, neither men should be treated harshly because they are men. The poor and the rich alike should expect similar punishment according to the intensity of the crime committed.

Truthful in the investigation of the offenders is important. The information that will be provided by the probation officers is critical in the sentencing process. The offenders background ought to be known in deep sense and as a probation officer I will always prepare accurate pre-sentence reports that can enable the giving of sentences that are fair and justice.

As a probation officer, I will recommend sentences to the offenders after through investigation into the nature of the crime committed. Rush decisions in recommending sentences would be unprofessional and unethical. Incase the sentencing has been done in an unfair manner, it is the role of a probation officer to ensure that all the sentences are reviewed before the offenders together with their families prior to handing over to the court for decisions.

My occupation as a probation officer will be governed with justice and truth. The provision of a testimony before the court is an important element which ensures that the officer provide accurate and truthful recommendations and findings. The offenders need assistance from the probation officers. I shall ensure that the offenders are assisted in the rehabilitation process and the compliance with the terms provided in their sentences. It is right to think that offenders are normal humans who need to be assisted to get off their problems.


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