Primary Sources

There are various sources for researching criminal process for prosecuting and deporting illegal immigrants who commits crime in the United States. For precise information about the official procedures as per laws, the research should be initiated from the law enforcement agencies which are practicing the convention of criminals and imposing penalties thereon.

Primary Source
A primary source can be defied as the leading resourceful guide through which a concrete perception about the specific research could be done. It is also described as the dominant component in which all the relevant information is archived. Based on the research topic as Criminal Process for Prosecuting and Deporting Illegal Immigrants in the United States, the primary source can be the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) which is officially responsible for enforcing laws, penalties and convictions for illegal immigrants in the United States.

Benefits for Using FAIR as a Primary Source
The advantages of using FAIR as a primary source for research purpose include detailed information about

Hiring and harboring of illegal aliens in the US
Different types of penalties imposed upon detention in the US
Employment and recruitment of illegal immigrants in the US
Encouraging and sheltering of illegal immigrants in the US
Law Enforcements against illegal immigrants in the US
The above information is briefly defined as to enable the significance of using FAIR as a primary source.

Web Link for Primary Source Official FAIR Website
The following is a web link to the primary source which is an Official FAIR Website that contains all the aforesaid significant information


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