Safe Campus

Campus security is an important aspect, which institutions of higher learning should invest their energy and resources in. Security in campuses can be improved by several methods such as securing security sensors in important campus premises such as libraries. This will enhance curbing theft especially on textbooks, manuals and newspapers. A thief wont be able to go past the security sensor without it ringing an alarm thus informing the relevant authorities about the existing problem.

The other area that requires enhancement of security is the halls of residence. This can be done through ensuring that every hall of residence has an assistant who sits at the entrance and keeps record of every visitor so that in case of any problem, the victim in question will be dealt with accordingly. This will help in reducing problems such as theft and rape.
Another way to improve security is through installation of surveillance cameras commonly known as the closed circuit television (CCTV) around the campus in order to have a clear view of its environment. This will help to identify law breakers such as thieves and rapists. Once they are identified, they are dealt with in a way that others will be scared. Campus crimes can be dealt with by arresting the criminals or expelling the criminal incase he or she is a student.

Through stern punishment, other offenders will be scared of doing such an act. Also, the ratio of security personnel to students should be balanced such that there should be an appropriate number of gate and watchmen according to the number of students in the campus. An example is in a situation whereby one security man struggles to prevent ten male students from raping a female student. It would be easier for five security personnel to control the ten male students. Five security men can effectively manage ten men unlike one security man.
The rules and regulations governing the campus should be set in a way that they assist in alleviating problems and improving campus security. Time should be strictly observed especially for visitors such as male students visiting women students and vice versa, such as no man should be allowed into womens hall of residence in the late night hours.

Lastly, it may be important to issue all the legal students with the students identity cards so as to avoid strangers gaining access to university services such as computer services. This is typical when non-students may be able to enter a computer laboratory and steal some small computer materials in a campus where they do not offer strict conditions on the use of student identification cards.


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