Ward Churchill

The left wingers felt that citizens who were perishing as a result of war during the 1970s and 80s were not innocent civilians as often claimed. The left wingers believe that culture presents a battleground through deconstruction by fronting pretensions with a view to undermining knowledge (Beck, 2009). Simply put, culture purposes to defeat reality.

The major similarity between Ward and the left wing is that those killed cannot be passed as innocent since they are supporters of a government which is responsible for similar deaths elsewhere. Ward and the leftists also believed in diversity and academic freedom.

According to Jonathan, (2009), policies governmental policies shift with the aim of protecting national security. After the September eleven attack on New York, the state began using all measures to protect its nationals. In a sense, what counted was national interest and not any other issue.

After the events of September eleven, several governmental departments were required to step up and help check the rising nature of terrorism. This was after the congress made the realization that no single government department or individual could be assigned the task of peace keeping in the United States (The Commission on the Prevention of WMD Proliferation and Terrorism, 2009).

On the evidence gathered from the actions of the American government, the position that the whole society was being mobilized against terrorism is held.

The leftists and Ward seem to be examining society as a whole seeing it as a unit (Alexander and Raymond, 2009). The government is a representative of the people and it is charged with the responsibility of protecting citizenry rights. An attack on the citizenry cannot be distanced from an attack on government. The separation line between the two is very thin. To complicate matters, it is the citizenry that employs a government. The point presented in the two cases clearly points that if a government has messed then the people by offering such a government support have also been incorporated in the quagmire.


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