Faisal bin Musaid bin Abdul Aziz is born 1904 on Riyadh. He was son of Abd al-Aziz ibn Saud, the create of Saudi Arabia. His maternal, Tarfa is member group of leading families spiritual of the Al al-Shaikh. The mother die when he is young. He is raise by maternal grandfather, who teach Koran and the principles of the Islamic religion to him. The education taught affect him in his life. Faisal increase state responsibilities, begin at the age of 13. He is soldier in his fathers army. In the 18, he is commander of the Saudi Army by Asir 9south-west Arabia). He success leader Saudi military campaigns that bring Hijaz on Kingdom. The father choosing him at 15 for reason diplomatic missions outside country. Latter, he is first Saudi foreign by 1930. King Ibn Saud on 1935 give two sons promises permanent positions in country. Prince Saud old that Faisal by two make viceroy of Najd in Saudi Arabia center. Faisal be viceroy of Hijaz by Red Sea.

In power of Faisal brother Saud to crown 1953, Faisal being Crown Prince. But Saud become very wasteful of money through wants like making of big house in Riyadh. Faisal have problems come Egypt neighbor when Gamal Abdel Nasser is outed in monarchy. Royal family and religious lead ulema said Saud to make Faisal lead prime minister because he is bad to financial policies. Faisal had large powers executive. Faisal cut drama spend so safe country from bank. The financial policy is Faisal good decision made other people country proud of him.

But fight start from Saud and Faisal by 1960. Faisal out himself prime minister to fight Saud bad choosings. Saud get powers back and bring Talal home from Egypt and Saud made Talal finance ministering. In 1962 but Faisal rally with supportive family for he to be prime minister once more again. Two very much important happen by Faisal. One, Viceroy he become by March. Two, Faisal is say be King again more after King Saud out from position by November.

Important Achievements
By 1934, King Faisal go inside Soviet Union to be Saudi Arabia. King Faisal also do good by being leading on group to fight North Yemen. King Faisal follow father very much he make do all orders of father. On 1945, father once more again order King Faisal to do his wants by bringing King Faisal to United Nations Conference be Represents Kingdom by Saudi Arabia. United Nations are very importance to father and he said United Nations Conference was bringing country to good diplomatic.

King Faisal is very good kid and intelligent. By 14 father make Faisal going to United Kingdom and France ending of World War II. The sending of Faisal to countrys is good as say by father because of good relationships to Europes people. Many more, Faisal achievements is more see as King of Saudi Arabia. One, King Faisal do Saudi good because of good Kingdom finance by do of the five-year plans by economic develop. Two, the money of country rise to budget because King Faisal make high oil. Three, King Faisal also importance educational because he give many students to going outside countrys and make open schools for females. King Faisal liked educational much because people will be good through educational. Four, King Faisal stopping the sending of member families of rule family to make study educational out country. King Faisal belief that sending member families to educationing is not good on people eyes because people think rule family is wasteful of money. Five, King Faisal very much belief justice to important because he create and building Ministry of Justice by 1970. Sixth, King Faisal also love television because broadcasts officially he do. But some people dont like television because they fight building television in Saudi. People is very mad of television build and King Faisal very sad because people is mad and people even fight and King Faisal is sad more when nephew die because of fight.

Assassination of King Faisal Al Saud and Investigation
King Faisal Saud was good king. He performed very good in leadership in the whole place in Saudi Arabia in progress. As the King new in Saudi Arabia he able on promotion different programming that allowing growths economies also socialize developments of the whole society. King Faisal able to progress the foreign relation of Saudi Arabia. So, King Faisal is admire by people.

In one  situation happened at March 25, 1975. King shot blank point by the son of half brother. The name is Faisal bin Musaid that come back in United States. The dead happen in majlis. Majlis is Arab for location sitting. In the place, a event held there. The house of King is open to citizen allow people to see the house and talk to King. It was talk that the reason is because of revenge which is liked by the brother of the killer Khaled. This person is dead by Saudi Defense Force group in a demonstration at 1965.

The King Faisal dead by Musaid in a custom need in culture in Arab. The King Faisal bow head. King Faisal expect that nephew kiss him at the nose. But not, the nephew show gun. The shot are in face direct to the King only. After the shot the King is died immediately. The assassination is for the King to remove him in the rein of his country. Musaid is not considered as normal people but is a crazy person because of his killing the King. The King most love of people at Saudi Arabia dead and Saudis become disappoints. The nephew of king is did the killing because of revenging to the king. Also, investigate saying that a group that want the dead of king so that the Saudi Arabia is not going oils to Westerns.
King Faisal assassination is controversial to Saudi Arabia. He is good King of country and he die. It is very bad on the country because development is good. No one in will continue he did in past. The change of country stop. In investigation on King Faisal died eventful people is mad and want truth know.

Oil and Faisal
The using of oils in country is important. Cars, motors and more use oils to move. Without oils cars, motors also other transports need very much the oil. Saudi Arabia is have many oils and make money with it. King Faisal think that oil is important haves of Saudi because few country has it. In strategy, the King Faisal see is importance of the oils.

The accession of King Faisal, the important is finance normality of Saudi Arabia. King is maintain the rules in economy to stronger money income. To have more strong money income, King think that equal of country budget is must. Increase in making oils is importance to Saudi for have developing in years. The King did he can do in the progress in oil makings to increase money that is using as different support of people and events.

In add to the information the Saudi Arabia is lead to the importance in develops made in world industry in oils. With more oil making country, the King Faisal make relationship to others to allow the progressiveness of oils. Together with what the King Faisal did he make the important of oils in the world. The develops in the oils made change in economy of the country of the Saudi Arabia. The needs of oil in supply became importance in the world. The addition creating of oils in the Saudi Arabia is one of most important to the growths of economics for many years.

The King Faisal made relationship to creating countries of oil that providing many source. The team become important in the supply on oils to parts in world. The Saudi Arabia is now rich because of action did by the King. The King changing the policy on oil that help the peoples of the Saudi Arabia. The productions of country is good for the additions of job for people. The needed of people in welfare is giving every time is needed by a people. Benefiting is easy for the country because the King make good relation to people. The conservative of Saudi in economy became good and is not a stop on the developments. And then, the whole state is stabled compared to other. The different nation are affect in changing of world economics while Saudi is very develop that it is not hurt by change of time.

The Reaction
The die of King Faisal make many people sad. People want King Faisal to justice so they want killer to caught. Prince Faisal Bin Musaid is took by guards and put to jail. Many people see bad thing Prince Faisal Bin Musaid do he shoot King Faisal with gun. Prince Faisal Bin Musaid is a bad person because he is punish by him be killed after 80 days by Riyadh. Prince Faisal Bin Musaid is kill like how he be kill King Faisal. The die of King Faisal make Islam and Arab country very sad. Most especial Saudi people is sad because of lost King

My View
On my thinking, the kill of King Faisal is lost to Saudi Arabia and Arab country. King Faisal is good lead and help lots people. King Faisal made economy good and diplomatic well. People are sad because King Faisal is good lead.


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