Why are the cities and suburbs in the United States different from Australia

In the United States, people began moving en mass to the suburbs in the 1970s. Issues concerning   race, education, and drugs were raising and those who could afford to leave left.  American cities were becoming overpopulated and people wanted more space. Areas that were once forests and farmland were cleared to build houses for people who wanted to move outside of the city but keep working in the metropolitan area. While some suburban areas have public transportation, most American suburbanites would agree that one cannot survive in the suburbs without at least one car. The  majority of public schools in most large cities in America are not well funded and are not known for producing well-educated students. Also, many of the public schools are considered dangerous. In the suburbs, because the area is smaller, the people feel that they can see where their tax dollars are going and be more involved with the schools.

I think it really comes down to safety. The American news media is very quick to focus on the problems in cities,  highlighting the dangers of urban living. Cities have just gotten too big and overwhelming and people tend to feel safer in the suburbs, where they can live in their own private house, away from crime. If the suburbanites do have a problem, they believe that the police will respond faster because the area is smaller. People living in the suburbs tend to think that because one needs money to live in the suburbs (need to buy a house, a car) this will keep urban problems out.
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