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This weeks Tony Martens DVD viewing is very useful in rendering the best and significant issues about individual and relationships. The Yellowhead Family Sexual Assault Treatment Program in Hinton, Alberta outlined by Martens enhances my knowledge and ideas which are needed to provide treatment assessments and in coordinating group therapy for regressed offenders. The process also facilitates individual and group therapy, help developing and planning community.

Martens did a careful selection of topics in outlining family that experiences abuse and the tension detail to avoid such problems, but additional safeguard, also have been included.  Families have difficulty in adjusting when they are exposed to contracting ideas in their environment. He also emphasized the role of third party in attempting to take a side in family matters that creates division and cause future therapeutic intervention a failure.  He began his efforts with general instructions in the intent and directions of the restorative justice. The issues that were debated ranged from the extent to which the subject was best viewed as a direct extension of the present or as likely to mold by other influences to the crime and punishment, moral responsibilities for helping to shape the future (Attigod, 2007).

Only some of many family violence and unwanted behaviors that occur received intense attentions from the news media, law enforcement agencies, and the public. This kind of crime usually gets least attention that its innermost costs warrant and rarely the basis of news stories, official investigation and public fear. In recent years, two relatively uncommon forms of crimes  serial homicide and the murder of children abducted by strangers, have dominated press reports on crime, television documentaries, police investigations, and popular attentions (Barry, 2003). This influences by political, ethical, and legal confluences of arguments regarding the future of restorative justice (Attigod, 2007).

This weeks reading is very significant in maintaining some type of balance. Yellowhead Family Sexual Assault Treatment Program is basically an impartation of what we have learned this week about the persons experiences that can truly shape and affect his current situation as well as the whole family. Any change in one part of this system has implications for every other member (Agar, 2001). In our communities the immediate family and extended family as a whole are included in this system. It is focused on the emergence of relational and moral issues that concern with human rights rather than a changes, extension or modification of current ethical philosophies that were showed in wider political, ethical and social movements.  The importance of this factors impact to the individuals thinking about punishment for abusive behaviour. It basically serves as reinforcement of their destructive attitude and poor self concept (Abram, 1996).

My interest was focused on the importance of providing a framework for understanding the development and effects of family violence to the entire family system. Stopping the behaviour does not eliminate the effects and consequences. Attitudes which were present prior, during, and after the abuse must be addressed (Attigod, 2007).  Included in those was the need for examining the therapy and coping mechanism requires to have an effective course of their treatment. If the members of a family exhibit destructive and painful behaviours for other family members, it does not exclude that they may care and love for them. There is an innate desireneed to act through and resolve issues and problems in their relationships. The family relationship is very important to a persons sense of being and can affect and shape their current situation and is very important to resolve the issues. Even punishment or restorative justice serves to frustrate and inhibit one type of hostile and destructive behaviour, its destructive energy is diverted to another form or outlet outwardly or inwardly (Agar, 2001).

The strength of Yellowhead Family Sexual Assault Treatment Program is dependent on the belief that the family violence present in families are unhealthy, and a sign of a problem. The therapy provided to selected individuals in the family not only meet their own personal needs and but for the family unit. These people are capable of self-awareness and change which leads to the ability to change and choose their behaviors. This treatment program incorporates restorative justice principles and practical manifestation social accountability. The viewing surfaced one problem that must be taken into account when dealing with relationships whether through criminal justice system or   restorative justice. The victims role reversal that can affects his her attitude towards verbal, psychological, emotional, or physical violence is also possible to develop (Abram, 1996).

Moreover, the obligations we have for ourselves are directly related to all the people in our circle of relationships as well as the whole community. Restorative justice emphasizes not only repairing the harm caused by the actor most importantly to reverse the criminal behaviour. Through this processes the transformation of the traditional relationship between governments and communities in responding to crime will be modified.

Such implications can be useful to academics, law enforcers, therapists, public officials, planners, student and others for whom the future of crime and punishment is no abstraction but an important stage in practice and their contributions (Attigod, 2007). Past the year 2009, todays family will be tomorrows future and have a dedication and experience to carry them into positions of justifiable environment and leadership. Individual and family relationship today not only can describe nature, justice, harmony and unity as they are, but also help to prepare member by prompting them to consider what their future might be like.


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