Prosecuting and deporting immigrants in Florida

Every state in the world has well laid down rules and regulations that govern the manner in which the country is run. This is to ensure that the country is kept safe and secure at all times. Countries have also put various measures in place to ensure that immigrants from other countries who commit crimes while in the Diaspora are dealt with a lawful manner. This discussion looks at the process that is followed in prosecuting and deporting immigrants who are found to have committed crimes in the state of Florida. Furthermore, the paper will also look at how much the tax payer in Florida has to pay to maintain this process.

Florida is one of the largest states in the United States of America ranking third in terms of size. It has also been rated as one of the states in America whose rate of growth is quite fast.  In the period between the years 1990 and 2000 this state saw a rise in growth of its population go up by 23.

Currently Florida has an estimated population of 16 million people. Florida is one of the states in America that is known to go hard on illegal immigrants and more so those who are found to have committed various crimes. There has been a radical change in various states in the last couple of years regarding illegal migrants and Florida has been on the front line campaigning for deportation of illegal immigrants.

Florida as a country goes on record as being the first state in America to deport all criminals who had been detained in American jails for crimes that were non-violent in nature. This was back in the year 1994. This was in attempt to reduce the amount of money that the government was incurring in the deportation of illegal immigrants. This move was thus aimed at reducing the burden on the tax payers as well as deal with the ever growing problem of congestion in the prisons of Florida. However when this plan was initiated it was only inclusive of those illegal immigrants who were found to have committed crimes that were not violent. Any person who is an illegal immigrant but has been found guilty by a court of law of having committed a violent crime is not part of the deportation plan He must remain in prison and serve his sentence.

Literature Review
According to Inc Icon Group International (2008) Immigrants Websters Quotations, Facts and Phrases, ICON Group International, the authorities have for many years fought many battle to keep illegal immigrants in Florida at bay. While some of the battles that the authorities in the state of Florida have been as fruitless and losing battles, the latest step by the government to have all illegal immigrants in the state of Florida deported seem to bear fruits as it has instilled fear in the would be offenders ( HYPERLINK httpRebeccaRebecca   HYPERLINK Scott. 2010).

Linda Schmitt Roth in her book, Information Plus Immigration and Illegal Aliens gives a detailed coverage of just how Florida as a state has been putting efforts over the years to fight illegal immigration in the country. As aforementioned, Florida was the first state to fight the illegal immigration and to punish illegal immigrants who were found to have committed offences.

Proposed Solution
According to a report released by Florida officials deporting illegal immigrants who have committed offences that are non-violent in nature will save the taxpayer up to 1.7 million per year. The officials revealed that about 1.5 million every year goes to the maintenance of alien criminals a cost which the officials state that is unaffordable with the current global crisis (Linda, 2003).

The procedure of deporting illegal immigrants especially those who have been found guilty of various crimes is quite complicated. This is because there is no laid out procedure of undertaking this process. It is quite a hustle for both the immigrants who are being deported and for the officials carrying out the deportation as they constantly face opposition from almost every quarter. However the procedure is that when an illegal immigrant is deported from Florida they are supposed to complete their sentence in their country. In addition their names are entered in the database of crime to ensure that they have no chances of escaping from the judicial system unnoticed.

A recent report by the Institute that is in charge of migration matters in Florida indicated that currently, Florida is home to nearly one million immigrants from all over the world. This is a large increase in comparison to the number of illegal immigrants that were in the country ten years ago. Florida has attempted various means to attempt illegal immigration into the country. This they have done by releasing money intended for investment in the overseas so as to prevent to Florida in search of employment (Linda, 2003).

However a recent report released in February this year indicates that the number of illegal immigrants in Florida has significantly declines. This has been attributed to the fact that the Federal Government has become stricter in the enforcement of the immigration laws. As a result, the number of legal immigrants has gone down drastically. Besides this analyst state that that loss of jobs in key areas like construction has also largely contributed to the acute drop in the number of illegal immigrants in Florida (Inc Icon Group International, 2008).

An observation that has been made by analysts argues that illegal immigration has largely contributed to the down fall of the economy in Florida. While many economic giants want legal immigrants as they are considered assets in the growth of an economy of a country, the illegal immigrants on the other hand are seen as economic  thieves  as they are believed to take away the jobs of resident citizens and also depress the wages of the citizens in the country. Some analysts are of the opinion that illegal immigrants actually contribute to the economy by working for the country ( HYPERLINK httpRebeccaRebecca   HYPERLINK Scott. 2010). This is an argument that has been heavily countered by many others who argue that illegal immigrants must ate very cost be deported.

Florida s fight against illegal immigrants and especially those who have committed crime dates back to more than ten years ago (Bice. 1989). However their continued persistence has seen their efforts bear fruits as they now have registered a significant decline. It is quite evident that deportation of illegal immigrant from the state of Florida is a hard task maybe more difficult than controlling illegal immigration in the country. It is also evident that the Federal government is taking stern actions against illegal immigrants who commit crimes in Florida and especially crimes that are violent in nature. Perhaps other countries of the world can borrow a leaf from the state of Florida on the manner of dealing with illegal immigrants.

Sampling Plan
This research was conducted in the state of Florida.

Population of survey
The population of research was the inmates in various prisons in the state of Florida.

Method of data collection
Data was collected by interviewing various state officials in the state of Florida.

Sampling frame
It is made up of all inmates in the Florida jails and prisons who are not citizens in the state of Florida. This means that all inmates who are foreigners and have committed major crimes in the state of Florida.

Method of Sampling
Crime rate in the state of Florida versus the number of foreign criminals in the state of Florida is the method that will be used for sampling.

Size of sample
The research was conducted in 7 prisons in Florida.

Research Design
This research was conducted to establish the procedure that is followed to deport criminals from the state of Florida to their native countries. The aim is to establish how much the taxpayer in Florida pays for foreign criminals in Florida and how the burden can be reduced.

Many countries have over the years struggled with this problem and many of them have not quite been able to come up with a lasting solution. Florida goes in record as one of the countries whose strict enforcement of illegal laws has seen a significant decline in the number of illegal immigrants. Perhaps all other countries of the world need to borrow a leaf from Florida if they will successfully be able to fight illegal immigrants in their countries. As aforementioned illegal immigrants in any given country always are a threat as they get into the country and they take up places of investment and employment that are meant for the citizens. Illegal immigration is one of the biggest threats in many countries of the world. Deportation of such immigrants thus seems to be the solution to this menace.


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