Data is considered to be an asset in an organization. Data storage is crucial to avoid data leakage. Data is information collected and arranged in a certain way. Data is normally arranged in a systematic manner for ease of retrieval. A database consists of data that have been collected and organized. The collection and organization facilitates data to be updated easily. The collection and organization of data enables its management and accessibility (Reynolds, Trymann, 2008). A database provides data for different uses it includes collection of data which is related.

    Database such as Microsoft and Microsoft Excel involves collection of related records. These databases can be used in tracking criminal offenses in a local community. Criminal offenses can be tracked by following the various status of an individual in a community. A simple database such as Microsoft Access consists of records of financial status and occupation (John, 1999). It may also include data about the progressive events in a local community such as an organization. This can help in tracking criminal offenses since any mysterious alterations can be easily traced.

    Criminal offences can be categorized using various criteria. Criminal offenses can be categorized using the criteria of severity and the participant involved. This is because some criminal offenses by be extreme compared to others. Criminal offenses can also be categorized using the criteria of the person involved.  This is because the law is applicable to a certain age (Pedley, 2001). Therefore, criminal offenses may be applicable to a certain age which differs from one state to another.

    Database can easily be used to render essential information towards criminal offenses. Watch group can be furnished with criminal offenses by tracking the database. Criminal offense can easily be tracked since the database collects the daily happenings in a certain community. Any alterations in the database are critical for revealing criminal information.


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