Family Law

A child is as a result of actions between two people. It does not matter the time that the mother of the child had stayed with the father in a relation but as long as the father of the child is there, he should have legal obligation to support the child. The reason is that it does not matter under what circumstances the mother of the child conceived the fact is that the child is there and must be raised. It was not the action of the mother alone and therefore the responsibilities should be taken by both parents. Even if the father of the child had sexual relationship with the mother, he still remains the biological father of the child and therefore he should take full responsibilities of the childs needs.  (Griffiths, 2006)

Even in situations where the father and the mother of the child are not staying together, the two parents should work together in support of the child. Everyone should be responsible of their actions and therefore it would not be good to leave all the burden or raising the child to the mother alone. After all conception did not know whether it was only a one time incidence and so the parents or the father should not take it as a one-time but should take is as a consequence of his or her actions. This is just but a good example of what should be done. (ODonovan, 2004)

It can therefore be argued that while raising a child, there is more than just the financial or the material satisfaction of the child. While a child is growing up, there is a need to give a child a better background. This comes hand in hand with a good base and this is the only way that the child will be able to grow and be straight in life. By straight it means that the child will demonstrate the good values that are held by the society. (Cassetty, 1988)

Therefore while a child is growing up, he or she should have all the support that he may need to be good person in the society. These values will be gained by the support that the child gets from the people in the society. The child support obligation can therefore be said not to have a one specific basis such as the legal, biological or the social relationship. Rather it can be said to have all the three types of relationship combined together. (Oldham, 2008)

It is a legal requirement that a child be raised by some specific people who happens to have a certain connection to the child. In addition, it is important that a child be raised by his or her parents if they are alive and able to do so. The reasons is that the biological parents are the ones who know the child better and therefore, they know what guidelines that need to give the child while he is growing up. However, there are some situations where the real biological parents are not in a position to raise the child. Other parents are not willing to raise their children as they are delivered out irresponsible actions.  (Parker, 2009)

The right to a happy life for the child should never be compromised and due to this, when a parent is not in a position to raise the child or is not willing to raise the child, this calls for the legal and social relationship in taking the supporting the child. This is a case where the child is raised by a good friend or in a child support center. Ones such a person follows the legal process in acquiring the rights to raise the child it becomes his obligation to raise the child. Such obligations are out of legal or social relationship that the person has with the child.  (Pearce, 2006)

In conclusion, it can be argued that the child support obligations cannot be on one specific type of relationship such as the biological, social or legal but rather, it should be based in all the three. The reason is that the child has the right to live and therefore we should work hard to ensuring that a child has a comfortable life. To achieve this, the three must be used as they are all interrelated.


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