Who have been the most influential terrorism theorists, and how have they influenced its development

Pierre-Joseph Proudhon introduce first anarchism very much relate to terrorism reasons. It rejects all forms of abuse government, command and abuse and aim free and equal access to worldly things. Anarchism is very progressing for being movement with systematic thinking pointing moment for revolutionary ways. Italian Carlo Piscane and Mikhail Bakunin contributes the understanding for ideas addressing from deeds and considered competent thinking. Notable about anarchism is non-leader resistance. Karl Heinzen and Johann add the thinking of murder-suicide as the best form of struggling.

Peter Kropotkin contributed the propaganda by speaking and using rebellious publications. From 1875 to 1912, the groups of anarchist, some in little groups is able to assassinate leaders like the most famous US President William McKinley in 1901. Trials contain small known antiwar and labor activities. Sacco and Vanzetti in 1920. Many of present terrorism causes were earlier espoused and develops by anarchists. However, modern-day anarchist were now identify as environmentalists, survivalists, and anti-imperialists denouncing the World Bank, International Monetary Fund and the World Trade Organization and no longer allied with any form of terrorism. They however cling to the set of guidelines of self-liberating from abuse relationships focusing their violence in objects, institutions and structures. Anarchists respect the difference and diverse of peoples.

The various ideological aspects develop by known anarchists show the positive cause and goals of now terrorism Some of  important part are humanitarian causes that sponsor respecting, equaling access and changes peoples various nations and removes hesitant guard abusing political people and establishments. Now, these ideologies championed so-called terrorists. The difference is religion and region personality that made the group discriminated a thinking that terrorist oriental or anti-Semitist, and not come from the United States, Israel or the European Union.

Does defining the term terrorism need to be as controversial as it has been
Long time ago the meaning of word terrorism, as record by the Acadmie Franaise in 1798, is system or rule of terror. For lots that are label terrorists, what they are fighting for is legal. Only single should be said of the violence action to Israeli by Palestinians due for occupation of Palestinian lands. Other terrorists struggle from the domination by foreigners in their lands in the disguise of trade and commerce such as that of the Al Qaeda is led by businessman the Osama Bin Laden.

Unofficial peoples on terrorism join the claim of is being the result of upsurge of public sentiments. Some governments is really support but secret. Another belief on that acts of violence could change political ideas for the better. A third person has been the addition of people on the attacks to say that governments cannot protect the people.  Conflicting character of terrorism use by any faction or political group to clean community of political corruption and control. Many terrorist activities given money from illegal means of drug trade, gambling and prostitution.

In the United Nations said, many countries are hesistant because of outlawing terrorism and that they say the need to address its cause. Many place believe of the sadness and fear are true. Plane hijacking and diplomatic hostage-taking is two of the specific rules in a time of 12 international conventions regards to terrorism acts.

Another disagreement are in the labels of groups and individuals as terrorists the terror element that differentiates one group from another, and stating a whole group as terrorist when only a side of that group employ the tactic.

How successful has terrorism been in achieving political or social change
In the first use  word of use in France, Paris government make terrorism too strike fear on its citizens. It was describes as bloody and use by dictators of governments. Terrorism shift personality when is use on pride by the Russian revolutionaries of Narodya Volya in 1878-81. The assassins relied at new weapons technology of bullets and bombs and able to remove its target - Alexander II - but they did not able to attain the revolution they wanted.

One big mistake committed by terrorists is the dead of Austrian Archduke Ferdinand in Sarajevo in June 1914. The killing lead to World War I. Here, the terrorist once again did not to achieve hopes of them.

After World War II, terrorism expand to include intimidation of colonial powers of Britain, France and the Netherlands to withdraw from occupied territories. It also mean to affect indigenous people to support emerging local leaders. Some achieved their goals, while other countries used peaceful means of transition to independence like India and Malaysia.

Terrorism contining in many regions in the form of killing important peoples, hostage-taking, hijacking and bombing of establishments and civilians are victims. Some governments is suspect of supporting terrorists but keep the distance to allow denial. Causes of terrorism are from root on religious dogmas, nationalism and seeking of well or on fair treatment from society and governance.

The Palestinian attacks in large aircraft in September 1970 and killing of Israelis in September 11 1972 in the Munich Olympic Games display determie to kill, thereby, terrorism.

Other mass forms of killing were consider war, and seemingly legal, waged by industrialize countries. In effect, the reading makes the reader understand that while killings of a few numbers is consider terrorism, the bigger of murder and attack on nations perpetuated by on first word countries or  in their allies were not.

Occupation of the Gaza Strip and the West Bank is an obvious  of the revolt wages of Palestinians against Israelis but it was like as religious extremism. Terrorism remains highest of all international concerned of the US and on other countries which means that terrorisms has not achieved success. The application of terrorism has been consider as failure as of this time for its negative effects of having the public as victims. The motivation on terrorism tracing to the ideals of anarchism positive or revolutionary and goals are seldom achieved.


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