Evaluate the narco-terrorism debate in light of Napoleonis postulation of new terrorist economy. Consider criminal funding as one of a number of sources. Use examples from specific groups to evaluate the importance of narco-terrorism in their groups specific situations

The menace of narco-terrorism has become to be a major obstacle to world peace in recent times. Though initially, narco-terrorism was perhaps seen as terror attacks on the drug enforcement agencies now it has grown into a full fledged terrorist activity, often directed towards innocent civilians, and having wide ramifications all over the world. Drug trafficking is a major source of funding for terrorist groups. The speedier and convenient interconnectivity among world markets have spawned huge markets for illicit drug trade, which, while enriching its promoters and traders, wreaks havoc on innocent lives, who unwittingly become prey of the machinations of wealthy drug barons. Cultivation and marketing of drugs like cocaine and opium are billion dollar business for illegal cartels. US being a major demand center for illegal drugs, the dealers target American market where they enjoy considerable prospects for this illicit trade, with apparent impunity and through underworld networks spreading many parts of the globe. Revenues generated from illicit drug trafficking are used for a plethora of illegitimate activities, including funding of terrorism in different parts of the world.

The major sponsors of narco-terrorism have been organizations like FARC in Columbia, IRA in North Ireland and the PKK in Turkey. Despite several actions by the Columbian government on FARC, including Plan Columbia, the war against drug barons is far from over in Columbia. Narcoterrorism and actions of FARC have a grave impact on the citizens of Colombia (Holmberg, 2009, P.7). Coming to the IRA, once a radical political group, known for car bombings in Northern Ireland, its political displacement has led it to insurgency and crime, including terrorist activities. There are reasons to believe that they are now heavily indulging in illicit drug trafficking in several Middle East countries.
Finally, the PKK in Turkey are actively engaged in drug cartels combined with terrorist activities and gun running operations. The Turkish government has been more emphatic than the US administration in combating drug trafficking. However, Turkeys strategic location affords it to be both a transit and originating country for drugs and humans that are smuggled through the Balkan route (Holmberg, 2009, P.13). In the present scenario it has become an absolute necessity for nations across the world to fight this menace.


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