Sociology of crime

To a sociologist, crime is all about the social forces that bring about the decisions to make some things illegal and others legal. But in general, crime is any act or failure to act that breaks the law of the land. Considering crime under this perspective involves an evaluation of the aspects such as affirmative action and welfare of the people.

Liberalism is promoting maximum individual freedom as well as being open minded and tolerant. A liberal explores and implements new ideas that may seem unacceptable in the society. Radical view tries to emphasize that the crime stems from the nature of capitalism and those who benefit from it. That is, in every country, the government tends to be neutral but supports the capitalist system.

From the above ideologies, it is now possible for one to possible to view a specific crime from an incorporation of all the three Ideologies and as seen it can offer a more broad opinion. As a liberal, I too think that I can see advantages in aspects of certain key principals derived from a conservative viewpoint but who in addition values the radical outlook of broader and considerable reform in some areas of society.


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