My stand in death penalty is against on such form of punishment.  Though ancient beliefs would state that it should be eye for an eye tooth for a tooth, however, to any crime, death penalty would not let both prosecutors and the accused be open-minded for the other motive or angle of the crime. Like for the case of medical malpractice, where in there are instances that patients would die due to wrong medications, however, not into the intention of the medical practitioner who administered it. In essence, there are crimes which are not established in terms of the intention, thus, not serving the real meaning of what is eye for eye.

Instead of putting in death penalty as an option for punishment, there should be more efforts on building peace and order in a community or locale, that would help averse the crime rate. It is hard to establish what deters murder. The solution should not be placed after the crime was committed, but rather what will be the mitigating measures before the crime.


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